Tito vs. Del Rio

Anyone wanna put a bet on this fight?

You can tell in this video their promo skills are top notch.

https://twitter.com/TheJeffCult/status/1168141737216368640?s=20 DEL RIO VS. TITO… WORST PROMO EVER

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Beats Ortiz/Liddell 4 I suppose. Can’t wait for Tito to beat Del Rio, retire, promptly tease his return about a month later, and then ultimately sign on for his big comeback fight against Tank Abbot (which does 18 buys).

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How about Tim Sylvia

Tim Sylvia has fought professionally this decade, which immediately removes him from Tito’s radar.

Besides, 265lbs might be kind of tough for Tim these days.

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That was hilariously bad, thank you.