TKO Merger of Zuffa (UFC) and WWE approved by U.S. Gov (FTC) (DOJ)

MITB 2023 will be the last PLE/PPV of Vince McMahon’s 41 years of controlling ownership partner of WWE.

**The applicable waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976, as amended, in connection with the Transactions expired at 11:59 p.m., Eastern Time, on June 16, 2023. **
**In addition, as of this filing, all required foreign regulatory approvals have been obtained.

(Base on my knowledge because of past corporate deals )Had the the deal not been approved, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and DOJ (Department Of Justice) would have responded to Endeavor & WWE with request for more information. Had such request of more information not been satisfactory, U.S. Government would had expand the time period which have lead to a rejection of the Transition/and/or Investigation of the Transition.

But hence no such request, so the TKO Group goes live no later than the week of SummerSlam.

Interesting to know. Good for their sake that the merger has been approved, as I’ve been following the process of Microsoft trying to buy Activision Blizzard, and that has been a looooooooong process, with the FTC less welcoming to it.


Well Microsoft-Activision is the polar opposite, huge drawn out court fight!

Base on WWE filings, Endeavor is receiving “The Right of First Refuse” regarding Vince McMahon’s stake in TKO.

Vince can’t sell any TKO shares without first offering them to Endeavor (if Endeavor decline, then Vince can sell stock in the open market).


Jerry Mcdevitt retiring is no surprise

Endeavor has their legal staff and Law firm relationships. This area where WWE’s department is completely redundant, and both Endeavor & WWE promised Wall Street up to $100 million in annual savings at TKO while adding a $50 million services fee paid to Endeavor.
That’s pretty much WWE Corporate that will be axed…

Typical M&A item, but I’m surprise that Dave Meltzer couldn’t gasp typical M&A items.

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Latham & Watkins is Endeavor’s Law Firm(,Rick%20Offsay%2C%20and%20Morgan%20Brubaker.)
Lantham & Watkins represent the " Buyers" (Endeavor & Zuffa/UFC).

K&L Gates represent the “Sellers” (Vince K McMahon & WWE).

Interview with Seth Krauss

Take Two/2K experience,(WWE’s Video Game developer)too.