TNA Live Taping Rant/Advice Request

I’m sorry that this is mostly a rant, but if anyone has advice, it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Awhile ago, I purchased tickets to an Impact taping to be held at Rebel Nightclub in Toronto on Tuesday, July 24th.

My plan was to surprise my ten year-old WWE-obsessed son with a chance to see some other wrestling in an attempt to broaden his horizons. While the Impact Wrestling site processed my request for tickets and thanked me for my purchase, I was given no indication of how to actually obtain the tickets. In addition, I was hoping to clarify that the event was indeed all aged since my intention was to bring my son to what is literally a night club.

My attempts to have these two questions answered have included:

  1. Emailing Impact Wrestling three times since (once through their official support - no reply)

  2. Having my wife send a message to Impact through Facebook (as I have no social media - no reply)

  3. Calling the venue (Rebel Nightclub) twice (first time they had no idea what Impact Wrestling was, second time just directed me back to Impact for answers)

  4. Emailing Anthem Entertainment (Impact’s parent company, no response).

At this point, as a “surprise” gift for my son’s birthday, I am about to drive an hour and attempt to get in to an event with pictures on my phone of proof of payment for tickets and all of my failed attempts at communicating WITH ANYONE.

I honestly cannot believe how difficult it has been to this point.


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You didnt receive a confirmation e-mail with details how to get your tickets?

Nope. Nothing. No communication beyond “thanks for your purchase”.

My current plan is to go, show them the charge on my VISA bill as well as all of my attempted communications, and hope for the best.

Let us know what happens.

You should try Squaredcirlce or Impact Wrestling on Reddit.

I appreciate the suggestion. I may be ridiculed for this, but Post Wrestling is the only forum I belong to on the internet. I avoid officially joining anything online (forums, social media, etc.). When John and Wai left their previous location and started Post Wrestling, I joined my first forum ever because I wanted to let them know how much I’ve appreciated their work for many years (and was so happy to find them podcasting again).

I have still heard nothing from Impact Wrestling. I ordered and paid for the tickets July 3rd, and started pursuing Impact for these tickets in mid-July. I have still received zero response (other than the automated receipt of one of my many inquiries). I’m still planning on heading down and battling with the staff at the event. I will prep my son to witness his father becoming "activated’’ (as we call it in my house) in order to obtain what I have paid for and driven an hour to see. Fingers crossed…


If you haven’t already, I’d suggest checking your spam folder and calling Anthem’s Boston headquarters (their number is listed at the bottom of their home page).

Yikes, sorry you have to deal with this and hopefully this is resolved. From your experience, it sounds like Impact Wrestling seems to be disorganized as hell and lacking in customer service. Some things never change.

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Reddit is super easy to use. You don’t even need an e-mail address.

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So to update…

Two separate people finally emailed me from Impact Wrestling yesterday (three weeks after buying tickets, two weeks after my initial attempts at contacting them, one day before the show). The responses were very different…

First reply (no name provided - just Impact Wrestling):

“Hi OJ McCoy,
Sorry, I wasn’t here over the weekend, not sure about the Anthem response (2 different locations), but hopefully you got in and had a great time. All tickets were e-tix, so you should’ve received them via email, I double checked our orders and all were fulfilled. I do believe they had the ability to scan your phone, also. Sorry for the late response, but they should’ve sent a email with all this info, including it being all ages.”

This response was essentially useless. I “should’ve received e-tix”, but never did, and he/she clearly didn’t even read my email carefully as they thought I had already been to the show when it was in fact the next day (and I had clearly provided the date of the show in my many emails).

The second response was much better:

"My sincere apologies that you have not received any communication back from us. This event is an all ages event and doors will open at 6:00 pm with a start time at 7:00. Please let me know your first and last name and I will make sure their are two VIP passes at will call for you (which is located right at the venue). If you have any further questions please give me a call at…(number removed for her sake).

Again we are truly sorry this has happened.

Kindest regards,


I even emailed Ashley back to greedily request four VIP passes (as my wife and younger son had decided to come and get tickets at the venue), and she immediately replied and agreed. I am to phone her when I get there, and I believe she plans on coming to see me when I do (a classy move I thought).

So right now, I am pleased with Impact’s (eventual) response. It took forever, but I got an apology and an attempt to make it right. As a consumer, this is all I was looking for.

We are looking forward to a fun night, and as long as things go well once we get there, I’m happy with the way Impact (finally) handled this. Obviously their response time is unacceptable, but it at least appears that they have tried to make things right.

Thanks for the advice/concern from you forum members. I’ll let you know how it all ends!


Nice to see it looks like its going to work out. Hope you all have a good time.

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Letvus know about the tapings with your family. Should be a great time!

The final report…

We went to the show, and Impact Wrestling (Ashley was the woman who dealt with us) really made up for the inconvenience they caused by their lack of response to my requests. Here’s a summary of what she did for us:

  1. Met us in line at the venue minutes after I called her (as she instructed)
  2. Gave us four VIP (literally front row) passes worth $130 dollars each (I had only paid $50 for two regular tickets)
  3. Saw us inside the building at the merchandise booth before the show started, brought Moose over to meet my sons and refused to let me pay for the two t-shirts I was about to buy for them (she said the shirts were “on Impact Wrestling” - very cool)
  4. Came to get us from our seats about halfway through the show to go backstage to meet Johnny Impact (since my son had made a sign for him).

In addition, my sons met and took pictures with Rich Swann and Matt Sydal.

All in all, things turned out great, and my frustration with the company has been replaced with an appreciation for how far they went to rectify some mistakes they made. In addition, their efforts have earned them two new Impact fans in my sons who will never forgot the special treatment they got tonight.

Thanks Impact Wrestling!


This is awesome bro. Glad your family had a great time. I’ve been down on this company ever since what happened to The LAW, but this is the kind of stuff that will make me want to become a fan again. I think this is a story you should send around to some sites. For all the shit they get, they deserve some good feedback once in a while.


This is awesome!
Nice to see them do some cool things to make up for frustrations. Hopefully your sons had a blast! I’m happy to see this end in a good way!

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Rich Swann hairline is higher than Snoop Dogg on 420

That’s awesome on their part, glad it all worked out!


wow what a fantastic end to the story.

glad you and the kids had a great time.

All’s well that ends well. Very happy for you guys as you apparently had a great time!