Tokyo Dome match predictions

It’s premature of course heading into the G1 finals to predict any of the matches for 1/4 and 1/5, but the groundwork has been laid for some interesting matchups already. Anyone have any predictions for the cards?

My gut is telling me:
Okada-Ibushi for the IWGP title
Naito-Kenta for the IC title
Ishii-Takagi rematch for the Never title
Moxley-Suzuki (just based on Mox’s recent interview, though the Liger match for Suzuki still hasn’t happened)
Ospreay-Hiromu for the Jr. title

Anyone else have early thoughts?

Okada vs Naito - Heavyweight & IC Titles
Tanahashi vs Chris Jericho
Ospreay vs Hiromu - Jr Title
Ibushi vs Jay White
Ishii vs Shingo - NEVER Title
Moxley vs Suzuki
Liger vs KENTA

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