Tokyo Sports reports that Kenny Omega is leaving NJPW

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In an interview with Tokyo Sports, Kenny Omega confirmed that he is leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling following his loss to Hiroshi Tanahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 13 this past Friday.

Omega’s comments in the interview were largely in character and citing his match with Tanahashi was a battle to determine the main character in a game, and he lost.

Tokyo Sports noted that the two most likely possibilities for Omega to land are the WWE or All Elite Wrestling with the latter set to hold a press conference this Tuesday in Jacksonville, Florida.

The piece also noted his contract with New Japan runs through the end of the month, theoretically eliminating the possibility of Omega appearing at the Royal Rumble on January 27th.

We will be discussing this story tonight on the Impact Homecoming POST Show with Nate Milton and myself.

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Everything about that looks like a work.

The way he speaks in the interview looks like it’s in character. On top of that, they announce KUSHIDA is leaving, but if Kenny was leaving, I think NJPW would have further notice by now.

Looks to me like he’s gonna be taking another break again. There’s no reason for him to pull a full 180 out of no where given how much he loves being in NJPW, Japan and the creative freedom he has. AEW is only viable if he wants to be with his friends but it’s too unpredictable right now. He’ll probably hold off for a year or so before doing that.

And I doubt he’ll ever go to WWE. At least not for the next few years when he’s done absolutely everything he wants to do in NJPW.

Addtionally, apparently Tokyo Sports are allegedly known for giving misleading, kayfabe reports.

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I know that Omega is great friends with the Bucks and AEW could do with a big name but I don’t know if I would personally risk my career for this uncertainty. I personally would love him to stay in New Japan so they can do the Ibushi/Omega again and he could get another run as IWGP champ. But who knows, this is very interesting at the very least.

He didn’t surpass me. :face_with_monocle: sounds very familiar to his friend Ibushi’s character talking about the same Ace

The newest BTE certainly implies he’s going to AEW too

So call me crazy but if Kenny were to hang around unsigned til the run up to MSG - had a “farewell” bout at a venue deserving of the Kenny - Ibushi mutually agreed upon singles match. Which was teased in the fall.
This would be huge and a good will gesture to ROH to break ice on the promotions working together later in 2029 when AEW is functioning and New Japan isn’t locked in to a partnership with ROH.

I know I’m wishing this all to play out but it doesn’t sit well that the biggest driving force of expansion is now unavailable to be on the biggest international show.

And that particular match lends itself as a reason Kenny comes back into the New Japan fold despite not feeling like he has a place there as he said in that interview. I’m reading every word Kenny says as a story because that’s who and what he does.

I know that’s probably just a typo, but I really want to believe that it’s also a subtle burn.

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I historically always go back and wind up re-reading what I type on my phone and then edit the posts as I see them later on for errors.

For you @RocketKing I will leave that and ask: likely or unlikely AEW is functioning in 2029 :joy:

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That 10-year window isn’t far-fetched. Who knows what will happen in the Pro-wrestling business. I don’t see the Bucks still wrestling by 2029. They’ll probably be playing more of the Gedo role. The bigger question is if the Jaguars are still going to be around by 2029?:joy::joy:

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Leonard Fournette vs Tom Couglin @ Double or Northing would draw.

Blake Bortles vs Cosy Rhodes would sell the venue out

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