Tony Khan: "A top wrestler will walk through the Forbidden Door this Wednesday"

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AEW president Tony Khan is promoting that a wrestler will “walk through the Forbidden Door” this Wednesday on Dynamite.

Khan tweeted after Friday’s episode of Rampage that a “top wrestler” would be appearing this Wednesday to debut with the company.

He added that the door is open for anyone from any wrestling company regardless of whether AEW is on good terms with that promotion. They are also “welcome to slam the door in the face of their prior company.”

The debuting wrestler is set to appear on the show from Atlantic City, sign the contract, and shut the door on their previous company.

As referenced on #AEWRampage, I have a surprise: on #AEWDynamite Live on @TBSNetwork a top wrestler will walk through the Forbidden Door this Wednesday and debut in @AEW. More info to come. Thank you to everyone who joined us for a great Rampage tonight! See you Wednesday on TBS!

— Tony Khan (@TonyKhan) February 5, 2022

The Forbidden Door can be opened for anyone from any wrestling promotion in the world, whether or not it’s a company @AEW is on good terms with, even if it’s someone from a company that’s open for business. They’re also welcome to slam the door in the face of their prior company.

— Tony Khan (@TonyKhan) February 5, 2022

The big announcement for Wednesday’s Dynamite that we referenced on #AEWRampage (a free agent debut) and the person walking through the Forbidden Door are one and the same. They’re walking in the door, signing a contract, and then slamming the door shut Wednesday on #AEWDynamite!

— Tony Khan (@TonyKhan) February 5, 2022



Khan also stated that Isiah Kassidy will face an unnamed opponent on Wednesday’s episode in a qualifying match for the ‘Face the Revolution Ladder Match’ at AEW Revolution on Sunday, March 6th.

Here is the updated lineup for Wednesday’s Dynamite:
*AEW Championship, Texas Death Match: Hangman Page (champion) vs. Lance Archer
*Face the Revolution Qualifying Match: Isiah Kassidy vs. TBA
*The Inner Circle’s team meeting
*The debut of a new wrestler

Shane Mcmahon…more likely Keith Lee probably.


I hope it’s Keith Lee, as an Impact guy myself I really hope it’s not Josh Alexander. He has so much more story to tell in Impact and I’d be worried he’d get lost in the shuffle in AEW

Should be a WWE name. Should be somebody that’s not a free agent yet. I think this hype means it has to extend beyond expectations. Shane, Gargano, Ali. I add Gargano because maybe people think he’s going back to wwe internally there.


Was Ali granted his release?

My gut tells me Keith Lee. With the recent criticism of lack of diversity they have gotten, he’s the perfect addition, not to mention the guy is great and deserves to be a top guy. Win-win.


I’d get ready to keep my hopes low if I were you. He’s absolutely not great at all. Very overrated. Very sloppy. Tries too hard to do cool looking moves, just because he is a big guy. There is a reason Vince wanted him to retrain. Vince is pretty out of touch, but he wasn’t in this case. His promos also sound like he’s trying out for the lead in a 9th grade drama class presentation.

Now, if you said those same words about Shane Strickland, that guy is absolutely a star.

I am aware of your feeling towards Lee, everything you said here you have said before. I respectfully disagree.


Could it be Jeff Hardy? Does he have a 90 day?

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I want to like the guy. I tried to give him a chance, but he did not improve at all. I’m into the flippy floppy shit. I’m not someone who hates that stuff, I just dont think it suits him. That is stuff that everyone is doing these days. It is not impressive from him, especially when he always does it. Jason Agnew said they were making him wrestle like John Tenta. I disagree with that, but I think it is the right mindset for him. He needs to be wrestling like a big man.

I dont see him ever becoming the AEW World Champion. I can potentially see a TNT title run, but not a very long one. My biggest hope for Keith Lee in AEW, would be to bring in Shane Taylor and put them together. We need a solid big man team in AEW. Put those 2 together and team them with Shane Strickland and that is a bad ass group right there.

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Hardy would fit my profile except that would be weird since it would require PR to explain what even happened at WWE.

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I would read this to mean that it has to be someone who is unexpected and likely to bury their former employer.

He’s clearly teasing Shane but on that short list are:

Jeff Hardy
Bray Wyatt

There are others like Braun, Keith Lee, Johnny G but either they are u likely to bury WWE or wouldn’t be that forbidden at all.

Let’s see. He also promised a hall of famed and gave us Christian once so don’t get too hyped


I feel like this is a misuse of the term “forbidden door”. If Mox showed up in the Rumble, sure. If someone like Orton came out Wed, sure. But, a free agent appearing on Dynamite is not that, and if its Johnny G, Ali, etc. its going to be Christian 2.0.

The only name that would truly feel “forbidden” would be Shane. If they deliver Shane, I will give him all the props in the world as that would be a crazy moment.

For what its worth, they still have him listed as an active performer:

I know the ‘Forbidden Door’ is essentially a gimmick in it’s own right now, but…if it’s a free agent, there’s nothing really forbidden about that, especially if AEW have had to wait out a no-compete clause. Unless I’m mistaken the forbidden door idea was originally about major promotions working together and crossing over, which AEW have done with Impact, GCW and NJPW. If it’s simply one of the recent WWE releases, that’d be pretty disappointing.


Its going to be one of the releases, I’m not sure why anyone would even think the possibility of someone different. Tony Khan and Twitter just dont mix well.


I think there’s a reason why it’s Isiah Kassady. It has to be someone who makes a little bit of sense as an opponent for him and that’s why I think it’s Shane Strickland. They worked on the indies and I think Strickland is a guy who would fit in perfectly in AEW.

I don’t think it’s Lee, he just got married and I would guess is on a honeymoon.

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I can’t say I loved his matches on the main roster, but everything I saw in NXT IMO was great. Those matches with DD were some of my matches of the year. To each their own.


Welcome to AEW

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I respect him for owning that mistake. This is the Tony Khan I want to see on Twitter.