Tony Khan does not want ROH TV competing against NFL, comments on idea of the show airing before kickoff

Originally published at Tony Khan does not want ROH TV competing against NFL, comments on idea of the show airing before kickoff

Tony Khan further asked about what is to come from Ring of Honor.

Since acquiring Ring of Honor in March 2022, one of the questions that has consistently been presented to AEW President Tony Khan has to do with the possibility of Ring of Honor weekly television returning.

Khan has stated in the past that he has held conversations with those at WarnerMedia about a weekly series for ROH. As Khan was making the media rounds last week, he joined Kevin Walsh on the ‘SportsGrid’ show and was asked about the idea of ROH TV airing on Thursdays.

He said it makes sense and there’s different times available, but emphasized that he does not want to compete against the NFL which airs weekly games on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. Khan then touched on the idea of airing the show prior to kickoff.

It is a great thought , I think it makes a lot of sense. There’s tons of different times. Thursdays make sense but I don’t really want to compete with Thursday Night Football but if the show was at seven then you probably wouldn’t be competing with Thursday Night Football because our games kick off after eight. On the other hand, there’s great history of wrestling on the weekends. I definitely would never put on a show that would compete with Dynamite on Wednesday nights on TBS or Rampage, Friday nights on TNT. So outside of that, I also don’t want to compete with the NFL because I’m a part of the NFL and also, anybody who competes with the NFL is going to get crushed and so, it just doesn’t make sense for anybody including AEW or anyone to try to compete with the NFL because the NFL’s the greatest sporting league in the world and we are the most powerful media machine on the planet.

Death Before Dishonor was the latest event for Ring of Honor and that show featured the crowning of Claudio Castagnoli as ROH World Champion along with the second match between The Briscoes (Mark & Jay Briscoe) and FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler).

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ROH TV… Tuesday, or Thursday night are the only opioms

Still wrestling competition on Tuesday and Thursday too, just less watched ones lol

Broke Idea: ROH winds up on something like TruTV as a one-hour show (because it always was on TV) head-to-head with half of NXT.

Woke Idea: ROH gets incorporated into Adult Swim.

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Assuming a primetime slot, and assuming that ROH won’t go head-to-head with AEW (obviously), Raw or Smackdown, you’re either looking at Saturday (which would be head-to-head with WWE and AEW PPVs on occasion), Tuesday head-to-head with NXT or Thursday before the NFL kicks off.

Given those options, I’d go with Tuesday. Anybody you pry away from that audience is a win for the AEW machine, even if you’re “losing” the weekly head-to-head by the numbers. And then you can also pull cheeky shit like putting an AEW title match on ROH whenever NXT has a big show.