Tony Khan: "Jade Cargill's been a great wrestler for AEW and certainly always welcome in AEW"

Originally published at Tony Khan: "Jade Cargill's been a great wrestler for AEW and certainly always welcome in AEW"

He can’t comment on her status but said she’s been a great wrestler for the company. 

After the TBS Championship rematch between Jade Cargill and champion Kris Statlander was taped for AEW Rampage, it was first reported by Fightful Select that Cargill was wrapping up with AEW. PWInsider followed up on that and noted that Cargill was in Orlando, Florida on Monday for the WWE. 

She is no longer listed on AEW’s roster page. Tony Khan spoke about Jade while on Josh Martinez’s Superstar Crossover podcast. He first expressed that Cargill and Statlander had a great match on the show. Khan cannot comment on ‘what’s going on’ with Jade, but said she’s always welcome in AEW.

Well, Jade (Cargill) had a great match Friday night on AEW Rampage and it was a great match against Kris Statlander. Kris Statlander retained the TBS Championship on Rampage on Friday night and I thought that was a great match. Definitely one of the best matches I’ve seen either of them have and thought really great main event for the show. As far as Jade goes, I can’t really comment on that except to say that Jade’s been a great wrestler for AEW and certainly always welcome in AEW. Could always be somebody we would always love to work with here in AEW.

Cargill started with the company in 2020. She finished with a record of 60-2 and is the first-ever and longest-reigning TBS Champion. 

If the quote in this article is used, please credit Superstar Crossover with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription.

He said “great match” three times in the first two sentences.


Weird weird dude. Wonder if he still considers himself great friends with all of his SOs who assured him they would be friends afterwards as a means of letting him down easy.

Guys, what is he supposed to say about the matter? Especially given the kind words Jade publicly said about him.

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Exactly and why burn that bridge in case she does want to come back?


Tony cannot win with a certain set of fans.

He comes out swinging - he’s on coke! He’s immature! He needs somebody to run his social media!

He goes full corporate mode and tows company line - He’s a terrible interview! He’s such a promoter!

He speaks positively of a former talent and is diplomatic - look at this weirdo! He’s like a clingy ex!

Why can’t he just simply comment on her status and answer the question.

Has Tony ever directly commented on any talents contract status in an interview?

Aside from Punk’s termination, I can’t think of anything.

There’s also the chance when this interview was conducted, Jade was still under contract with AEW / there is still a possibility she’s not gone.

I just think it says a lot about Tony when he’s asked about a talent’s contract and all he can talk about is great matches.

Didn’t he just speak about Sonny Kiss leaving recently? Just be a little more honest with the audience. It’s not the end of the world that Jade is leaving.

Sonny’s contract was over - and they were finished for now.

Jade’s contract may not have been finished and their is the possibility that she isn’t actually gone / they are still talking. Even if Jade is expected to sign with WWE - she might not have yet - and until she’s not signed there, she’s on the market.

I think that’s a clear difference.

Yup. And these same people cheer Vince McMahon. It’s so weird. Like Tony isn’t a bad guy. Give him a chance and stop being morons

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What do you expect him to say? he did comment before on why he let go of Big Swole and he took heat for it. So he’s decided it’s best not to comment on these things

Do you want him to say “Sorry but we didn’t really see use for Janella and Marko really was more a sideshow freak that was holding back bigger plans for the other two?”

I mean people would hate him for that. So he just doesn’t comment.

I have yet to see WWE explain why the release talent either

Then don’t do a million interviews. Send the talent to do media. We have heard enough from Tony

Seriously dude? That’s the best you got ?

HHH does interviews and so does Vince. When Punk was away and finally fired on his wedding day Vince said “he’s on sabbatical” and laughed.

Lol when’s the last time Vince did an interview? HHH only goes on WWE-friendly media. I don’t think anyone wants to hear from Khan. He says nothing of interest. Let others speak

If TK wants to do a ton of media and press conferences, these are the questions he’s going to get asked. There is no “one-size-fits-all“ answer for every wrestler departing AEW… except for “no comment”… so he’s going to have something different to say every time. Sometimes it will be cordial, sometimes it will be all business, and sometimes it will be scripted to avoid litigation.

Also, set of steak knives for the millionth “WWE is terrible, at least AEW is better than that” exchange on the forum.


As someone who has criticized his Twitter posts because they can come off like something a high school kid would tweet, I have no issue with this statement. When you run a large company, you should always do your best to maintain professionalism, and I believe he did it here.

I get what you are saying about he can’t win with some fans, but I don’t think that’s on this board. While not everyone here is the same, I’ve seen most criticize him when he says something stupid and praise him when he does good. Like I was saying above, I have criticized him before, but I’ve given him plenty of praise as well. True critique is good and bad.

I just don’t understand how anyone is complaining about what he said about Jade. He was very cordial and implied that he wished her well and that he would want to work with her again.

Like do you want him to just slam people? I understand, jumping on him when he says dumb shit or doesn’t comment on things that he should but when he actually said something reasonable, nice and intelligent why the heat?

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I’ve criticized him (similar to Dave M) on Twitter for being idiots. They don’t ignore trolls and feed them and say stupid stuff without thinking how they come across. It’s almost childlike and immature at times.

He needs someone to be his social media rep for sure.

However in this case he didn’t come across as weird or outlandish.

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Why do media if you can’t talk about newsworthy issues? Seems pointless