Tony Khan says ‘one of the world’s best wrestlers’ will sign for AEW at Full Gear

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AEW boss Tony Khan has stated that he has reached an agreement on terms with “one of the world’s best wrestlers.”

Khan posted the news on social media on Wednesday evening.

The unnamed individual will sign their contract during this Saturday’s Full Gear pay-per-view, he added.

Although their identity is being kept under wraps, Khan noted that the wrestler was “a pro who is known [and] respected by virtually every AEW fan.”

AEW has agreed to terms with one of the world's best wrestlers, a pro who is known + respected by virtually every @AEW fan! They'll come to LA to sign their contract THIS SATURDAY 11/18 on ppv at #AEWFullGear!

See you TONIGHT on TBS for the final #AEWDynamite before Full Gear!

— Tony Khan (@TonyKhan) November 15, 2023

I’m assuming it Mercedes, officially coming in.

… is El Dandy still alive?


The ICON is alive. Probably not Mercedes. She just signed an extension before she got injured, but she’s been very low key since All In. My guess is Yosuke Santa Maria orJun Akiyama since Jericho was at DDT this past weekend.

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Nemeth and the other releases don’t have their non-competes end until early December.

Mercedes Mone seems most likely. Not sure if Will Ospreay can sign with them yet.

December 21st to be exact - the first day any of them are “Free”.

So I guess it’s not Ibusi since he was announced as All Elite after Dynamite.

I hope its Mercedes. The women’s division needs help more than any other aspect of the show. Not necessarily because of the lack of talent but the lack of focus which could come with feeling like they need to push and feature a big signing.

I could see it being her as she would make sense, at the same time she had her blow up with Vince because of lack of focus on the tag team titles, so to jump to AEW where the woman are focused on even less then in WWE seems odd.

But, to play devils advocate to myself, if Tony is pitching to her that he could book her as the #1 woman in the company, I can see her liking that. If she were to go back to WWE, at the end of the day she likely gets slotted below quite a few women (Becky, Charlotte, Bianca, Rhea, possibly Jade etc.).

So who knows.

My best guess is Will Ospreay


Ospreay would be massive. I have to imagine there is some room to work a deal that involves NJPW, so that he’s not breaking his current deal that expires in February.

I’d say anything less that Mercedes and Ospreay would be seen as a disappointment by many. Could also see MJF being the one?

Otherwise, anything else would be dumped on.

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Just catching up on Collision and Adam Page mentioned Abyss 5 times…could it be?

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I sure hope so! Black Hole Slams for all!! Lol

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I agree, it would be similar to when Christian signed. He obviously has done great in AEW, but the night he debuted fans were largely disappointed based on the hype.

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I don’t think it’s Dana Brooke.


I’m guessing it’s Ziggler :yawning_face:

None of the September releases are out of contract until December 21.

Unless they decide to challenge it, which maybe Ziggler wants to do.

Many sources have stated it’s not Mone or Ronda. It has to be Will. Huge coup.

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