Tony Khan says ‘one of the world’s best wrestlers’ will sign for AEW at Full Gear

The other way to look at it is that WWE lost out on yet another big free agent signing. It’s all out of the Endeavor playbook - not wanting to spend money.

They signed Jade Cargill - although that was apparently the previous regime - and she has done absolutely nothing.

The only new talent that WWE has signed this year is people who were already in NXT and Carlito. Not a good sign

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Your experience is your experience, but I dont think “cold” is the right word, I just think its a case of you not being personally into the product at the moment.

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Did WWE make a serious pitch and he chose AEW? Or was there mild interest from WWE? I haven’t seen reports either way.

The stories going around were that Ospreay hired a major agent to handle negotiations and WWE was pursuing him.

We have Twitter in Connecticut… I feel like they may have had an idea.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this (allegedly) the first “bidding war” regarding somebody not signed with either promotion (so not Cody or Jade)? I don’t count Omega because there was about a million percent chance that he was going to AEW when his New Japan deal expired.

No it’s not

There was Dragon Lee, Rush, Bandido and (possibly) Kairi


Sorry, I was actually wrong. I misread things. WWE had realized by this past week he wasn’t going there.

“As previously reported, WWE was interested in landing Ospreay. Sapp writes that WWE had been in contact with Ospreay’s representation in recent weeks in an effort to gauge his interest end see what kind of schedule he would want and whether he would relocate. Per Sapp, WWE sources “had figured by this week” that Ospreay was bound for AEW.”

Mariah May was another talent that checks off every box for WWE but signed with AEW. That one was very surprising to me.


Yeah, and obviously with rumours of Giulia that’s a huge one, and Okada if rumours are true.


I’m not too familiar with her, but I did read something about her visiting the performance centre. Is she good? I’ve never seen her wrestle before.

Extremely. Very unique look as well. She is incredible perhaps one of the top 3-4 women in the world