Tony Khan says 'we're gonna find out' challenges of presenting AEW All In & All Out closely together, no comment on Punk/Hangman

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Khan was asked about the topics during a media appearance. 

There are two pay-per-views coming up for All Elite Wrestling and that is their All In show at Wembley Stadium in London, England on August 27th and the following week, All Out is taking place on September 3rd from Chicago, Illinois. 

AEW President Tony Khan appeared on the Battleground Podcast and was asked about the challenges of presenting those two events closely to one another. Here was his response: 

Well we’re gonna find out (the challenges of presenting All In & All Out closely together). It’s gonna be exciting to do it and it’s going to be the first time anybody’s tried anything like this. AEW’s got our biggest show of all-time coming up very soon, August 27th at Wembley Stadium. It’s gonna be a massive, massive event. I’m so excited for the show and in particular, I wanna say, right now, the ticket sales are unprecedented. This is the biggest pro wrestling event in the history of Europe. No show ever in Europe has sold more tickets or had a bigger gross than this so it’s pretty special and it’s one of the biggest wrestling events in the history of the world now.

He was then questioned about the situation involving CM Punk and Hangman Adam Page, stemming from Punk’s post-show comment about Page after Collision went off the air. Khan said he has no comment on it, but is glad there’s been a lot of interest in AEW in and outside of the ring. 

No, not really (I can’t provide any clarification on the talks surrounding CM Punk & Hangman Adam Page). I thought it was a great show Saturday night and I don’t have any further comment to that but I’m glad people are still very interested in our wrestlers and what’s happening after the wrestling shows. I think we’ll try to have a couple great shows this week but certainly, there has been a lot of interest in what’s happening in AEW in and out of the ring.

After the 8/14 Monday Night Raw goes off the air, John Pollock and Wai Ting will be discussing the latest about the reports concerning CM Punk. Their review will be available to watch here.

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