Top 7 Female Wrestlers in the World

I’m talking just in ring, at the moment, I would say:

  1. Asuka
  2. Io Shirai
  3. Meiko Satomura
  4. Charlotte
  5. Sasha Banks
  6. Candice Lerae
  7. Mayu Iwatani

Something like that. I feel they are very close.

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This might be unpopular but I don’t like wacky Asuka.

You’re talking about the character ?

I love Asuka in the ring, but I feel that she has been forced to take a step back at no fault of her own.

Watch her match on Raw a couple years ago with Sasha or even her takeover match with Bayley and compare that with her matches recently, huge difference. I also find that now her Asuka lock always seems sloppy, she doesn’t lock her fingers, and it doesn’t really look like it hurts. Again, compare that with the match against Bayley at takeover, and how she clamps that thing in like its rear taken choke in the UFC.

For me, there is nobody better in ring then Io Shirai. Just an amazing talent.

That’s completely fair. I feel they are very close.

Solid list, although I’d probably switch Candice out for Bianca Belair.

And bigotry aside, I’d throw Tessa Blanchard into that mix as well. :100:

I think Bianca needs a defining match. I know she’s got it in her.

Tessa, yep, surely she’s in the top 10.

Surprised they didn’t go with a full-fledged fued between Bianca & Charlotte. Their interactions at the Rumble were great. Perhaps they were waiting for crowds to come back before they pulled the trigger.

As long as main roster booking doesn’t screw her over, I think she’s got everything necessary to be a star & lead that division. :100:

Yeah that’s what I thought. Better save Bianca and a Shayna return for when crowds come back.

I kind of feel like Bianca got screwed by getting hot at the wrong time. It was right around the same time they pulled the Trigger on Rhea and they weren’t ready to move her up until a bit later. I’m hoping she can get into a program on the main roster to re-establish her when crowds come back. Maybe against Asuka.

I wonder how much the coronavirus has messed with plan. Shayna & Baszler have done nothing for weeks and weeks which might be down to them not wanting to do shows during this period. Might be the reason Baszler didn’t win the title at WM.

I don’t have a list but I’ll put some people over.

Bianca Belair to me has this Randy Orton look, where if you built a female pro wrestler from the ground up, you would get Bianca. Great look, great power, great personality, you’d think it would be a no brainer to push her to the top, but the last time I remember her on Raw, she told the Street Profits to get serious. Since WWE is big into managers now, maybe have someone recruit her like MVP or even Lana if they want to do something with Lana and build a stable of people.

Shayna Baszler is one of my favourite wrestlers. There’s no bullshit with her. Her ring style is what Ronda Rousey’s should have been, where it’s not flashy but you don’t end up with a lot of mistakes where Ronda I thought tried to do things like top rope moves that she shouldn’t have done.

I really like Rhea Ripley. So in recent months, there have been issues with Nia Jax and being safe and I guess wrestlers of a certain size are usually the base for smaller wrestlers. Rhea is that person, she’s strong as an ox, great look, and she’s someone to look out for a few years down the line.

And she’s not wrestling, but I wanted to put over Madison Rayne as the commentator on Impact. She obviously has good chemistry with Josh, but it’s refreshing to hear her being the heel commentator and bring her own insight behind the booth.

Yes. She’s actually really good on commentary !