Top Wrestlers Under 30

This an interesting read. Not exactly sure how these rankings work. 1 and 2 sound right though.

I find any list that has Austin Theory #3 hard to take seriously…unless this list is based on simply title wins and win-loss records which is essentially a kayfabe list.


Had no idea Tony Storm was only 27. She and Jamie Hayter should both be higher on the list. Butch and Jungle Jack could both be dropped down a few pegs to compensate. Nice to see some love for Konosuke Takeshita. Any notable omissions?

Butch (Pete Dunne) being on the list was the biggest surprise to me. I would have sworn he was 29 when he debuted in NXT in 2017 when apparently he was really only 23. That’s crazy.

Top Flight - Darius Martin (23) and Dante Martin (22)

I think they’re going for a PWI 500-ish vibe.

I would have bumped up Purrazzo, Grace, Hayter and Storm. They should all be higher.

Lio Rush should definitely be in the top 30 and I’d add Chris Bey and Ace Austin from Impact.