TOTAL RECALL: Total Bellas Season 5, Ep. 1 & 2

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Wai Ting welcomes his fiancée Pauline for a very special bonus review of Total Bellas Season 5, Episodes 1 & 2.

Episode 1 “Brave New Bellas” catches up with Brie and Bryan in their attempt for baby number 2. Following the sudden loss of their dog Josie, things get even more emotional as Brie informs Bryan of her second thoughts about having another child.

Episode 2 “The Book of Bella” follows the twins as they complete their autobiography, prompting an attempt to rekindle their relationship with their estranged father, bringing about difficult feelings from their mother Kathy.

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@wai0937 Really enjoyed listening to this. It was great to get a female perspective, as it is not one that we get very often in the wrestling community, even for a show such as this. I thought Pauline was great and got more comfortable as the show went along.

Looking forward to more in the future, specifically her thoughts on Big Johnny(if he’s still even on the show)


I enjoyed hearing Wai’s fiancé’s opinions

I don’t watch the show, but whenever I see ladies posting about it, it’s things like’ yasss Queen, slay’ and ‘get it girlie’ (whatever that means).

It was just interesting to hear a woman talk about the show, without hero worshipping the Bellas


I will join the others and say that I really enjoyed the show and the perspective of a couple watching it one being a wrestling fan and the other not. My wife and I have been married for 15 years I’ve been together for about 17 years and we watch both total divas in total Bella’s, this is very similar to the discussions that we have and if you’re planning to record it again a feedback that will be fun. Thanks to the both of you


Amazing show.

I don’t normally watch any of the E! style series (Total Divas, Total Bellas, or Miz & Mrs) but I’ve always enjoyed your reviews on your various shows throughout the years Wai.

Pauline is a great addition to the shows, I hope we hear more Total Recall in the future.