TOTAL RECALL: Total Bellas Season 5, Ep. 5 & 6

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Wai Ting and Pauline are back to review Total Bellas Season 5, Episodes 5 & 6.

Episode 5 “BellaVision” – Brie and Bryan’s relationship issues come to a boil as the demands of career and parenthood take a toll on their marriage. Following his dismissal from Dancing With The Stars, Nikki attempts to motivate Artem in a unique way. Nikki struggles with a decision to appear at SmackDown’s debut on Fox.

Episode 6 “Salsa Caliente” – An explosive argument following a drunken night at a salsa club threatens the future of Nicole and Artem’s new relationship. Brie attempts to persuade JJ into joining her rediscovery of their Mexican roots. Nicole suspects she may be pregnant.

Music: “Funky Vibes” by Kabbalistic Village

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What the fuck is going on with Nicole driving with no hands on the steering wheel? Is it a self driving car? Is she negligent? Do they just film driving scenes in front of a green screen?

It’s extremely disconcerting when you notice it, cos literally the only time she has her hands on the wheel is when she’s exasperated.