Tournament set to crown new WWE Women's Tag Champions

Originally published at Tournament set to crown new WWE Women's Tag Champions

The WWE is bringing back the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

The titles, which have not been utilized since May, will be decided in a tournament that will be on Raw this Monday in Cleveland, Ohio.

BREAKING NEWS: A tournament to crown new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions will begin Monday on #WWERaw!

Who would you like to see enter the tournament? #SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2022

The championships were last held by Sasha Banks & Naomi, who were stripped of the titles this past May after they left the building and did not appear on that night’s edition of Raw.

The belts were introduced in February 2019 with Banks & Bayley being the first team to hold the titles. Past champions include The IIconics, Alexa Bliss & Nikki A.S.H., Asuka & Kairi Sane, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, and Charlotte Flair & Asuka.

No teams have been announced for the tournament or a number of teams that will take part.

This could be awesome. I feel like the first match should be a feature and go longer than the combined length of the Queen of the Ring tournament.

Also great use of social media since they had to know who is going to suggested the most by wrestling fans active on social.

More than the tournament, it’s the leaning in that is the coolest. Organic hype for the expected returns

Steph (probably on a future earnings call): we asked our Fans who they wanted to see in the tournament and we heard their support of two very talented women so we decided to work things out for the best of the fans. We are going to listen to our fans and continue to work on delivering what they want. We hear you WWE Universe

I’m glad the titles are coming out of the Phantom Zone with the tournament starting Monday. Also, no end date announced ahead of time, so we don’t have to worry about this tournament having less time like AEW’s Trios Titles tournament might have.

As discussed last night, it could indicate a return for Sasha Banks & Naomi.


Perfect opportunity to scrap the “Nikki Ash” and “Doudrop” characters and have them team under a new team name and new personas.

Are the IIconics genuinely retired for good? If not, their return would give this roster and these titles a massive boost. If WWE wants to be the major promotion to finally make a high profile women’s tag team division i think the Renegade Twins must be on their radar.

I don’t know about that. While their act is a great one, when they were champs last time it brought the belts way down as they (especially Billy K) are not good in the ring. I wouldn’t want them anywhere near those titles.

They need a larger roster of talented women, which appears to be a priority, if they want a tag division. Currently, there aren’t enough top tier female performers to “relegate“ any of them to the tag division for any significant amount of time. But just as important is that they need to commit to tag teams. Triple H had a good track record with (men’s) tag teams in NXT… both making teams and keeping teams together without sprinting to the breakup in six months or less. This needs to continue if they want an actual women’s tag division and not just tag titles as a prop in the singles division.

For that matter, all of this is also true in the men’s division once they split the titles and/or take them off the Usos.

Sure, not suggesting they need to be the backbone of the division but their notoriety along with their legitimacy as an actual tag team will bring authenticity and more interest to the tournament. They need as many established tag teams as they can get and they’re probably the most famous of them.

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I hear you. Im fine with them coming in as long as they don’t hold the belts. They are a great mid card act.