Trey Miguel says IMPACT Wrestling 'helped take care' of him during his free agent period

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Miguel discusses what it was like for him to come back to IMPACT Wrestling. 

There was a point in late 2020 when The Rascalz (Wes Lee, Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel) all opted to become free agents and depart IMPACT Wrestling.

Lee and Wentz joined WWE and the duo went on to become NXT Tag Team Champions. Trey Miguel took a break from performing but ultimately landed back in IMPACT. He later shared that he had the opportunity to join NXT as well. 

On the newest episode of Brian Hebner’s Refin’ It Up podcast, Trey further dove into that period of his career and said it was a lot to process. Wrestling was his only source of income at the time and he was not working any shows. He stated that IMPACT ‘helped take care’ of him during that period. 

It was just a lot, you know? It was a lot of pressure from — everything becomes public news and even before you can handle it privately, the internet finds out what it finds out and the amount of attention that all of that got kind of scared me at the time. I remember having the three months off that I took just wanting to have time to myself. It was the first time in X amount of years I could figure out anything. I had time to think and that’s just what I wanted to do so I just took the three months, weighed every option I had, thought about everything realistically and I decided to go back to IMPACT in January… And I didn’t take any indie bookings in between too so had completely gotten out of wrestling and one of the cool things about that, it’s… this is why I love working for IMPACT Wrestling and why it means so much. In that three months when you’re not wrestling on TV or the independents, that’s the only way I make money so, when I’m not doing that, I’m not doing anything to gain income and IMPACT Wrestling, they helped take care of me in those three months that I wasn’t doing anything because I opened up to them about like, ‘Hey, my mental health isn’t doing so well with everything that was going on.’

When Miguel decided that IMPACT is where he wanted to be, he was welcomed back with open arms. He added that the day he chatted with Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore, they agreed to a contract. 

No and told him that, ‘Hey, this is where I wanna be,’ we had my contract signed that night.

During the Q&A portion of the podcast, Miguel was asked if he would be open to Zachary Wentz coming back to IMPACT and here was his response:

Yeah, 1,000 percent . I couldn’t say yes a million times, but I would try.

Miguel and ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey’s match is going to air on tonight’s IMPACT on AXS. The winner of the bout advances to the final of the X Division Championship tournament at ‘Over Drive’. 

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