Trick Williams becomes number one contender for the NXT Championship after winning Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline

Originally published at Trick Williams becomes number one contender for the NXT Championship after winning Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline

Trick Williams saw off four rivals at NXT Deadline on Saturday to become number one contender for the NXT Championship.

Williams scored a total of 4 points just inside the 25-minute time limit of the men’s Iron Survivor Challenge match.

The Iron Survivor challenge involves five competitors attempting to score the most falls in 25 minutes. Points are scored when a wrestler earns a pinfall, submission, or is the victim of a disqualification. After a point is awarded, the opponent goes into a penalty box for 90 seconds.

Two wrestlers start the match, with another joining at random every five minutes.

Dijak and Josh Briggs started the match. Dijak got the first point of the match right on the five-minute mark as Tyler Bate came out.

Briggs scored the second point of the match with a pinfall on Dijak, evening things up.

Bate was next to score with fall on Dijak, just before Trick Williams joined the match at the 10-minute mark. Bate would score the next point also, over Trick Williams, to grab the lead.

Bron Breakker was last out and scored three points immediately with spears on Briggs, Bate and Dijak.

Trick Williams was left alone with Breakker but weathered the storm, until Dijak pinned him, sending him to the penalty box.

Tyler Bate then pinned Dijak to even the score with Breakker at three points each.

Dijak and Briggs scored simultaneous pinfalls over Trick Williams and Bron Breakker.

Trick Williams scored his first point of the match over Briggs as the clock approached 25 minutes. Eddy Thorpe then appeared and attacked Dijak. This allowed Williams to pin Dijak.

Williams then scored quick pinfalls on Bate and then Breakker to win the match with four points as the clock ran out.

The final points were:

Trick Williams:  4
Bron Breakker:  3
Dijak:  3
Tyler Bate:  3
Josh Briggs:  2

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I thought the Women’s ISC picked up once all five women were in it, with the big spots and big nearfalls crammed into the last ten minutes. The Men’s ISC, however, I thought was consistently fun throughout. I thought it was tremendous.


Man I agree. I don’t know if this whole Survival Challenge Electric Bugaloo deal is a new concept for not (don’t watch NXT really – tuned in for Punk) but it was very entertaining. I think I actually preferred the girls match though. They really left it all out there. That Tiffany Stratton is really something. Blair Davenport looked brutal with those stomps. Really enjoyed that match and the whole concept felt very fresh.

This is the second year they did these matches. Last year was the successful first attempt at these matches, with Roxanne Perez and Grayson Waller winning them.

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