Trinity Fatu reflects on her choice to join IMPACT, thinks she made the best decision

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She then touched on her title defense against Mickie James. 

On October 21st, IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view is taking place and on the marquee for the show is Trinity Fatu defending her Knockouts World Championship against Mickie James

Fatu was invited onto Busted Open Radio with Mickie, Tommy Dreamer and David LaGreca. She was asked to reflect on her decision to join IMPACT and Fatu agreed with the point that she feels the power to be authentic and was missing that before. 

She added that joining IMPACT was the best decision for her and thinks it would not have worked out better for her anywhere else. 

I feel that. I feel so much of that (power to be authentic in IMPACT Wrestling). I was just piggybacking off what you (Mickie James) said. I feel so much of that in IMPACT and I feel like that’s what I was missing before… The division, the women, the camaraderie there (at IMPACT is why I chose to join the company). A couple of my friends from FCW who I trust and I know who would not (steer me) wrong are there and I knew that I would be surrounded by just a good team of people and great workers and I knew that I would be challenged in IMPACT and I also felt that I would be given that space to figure me out in IMPACT, and I think I made the best decision… I think it couldn’t have worked out better for me anywhere else than here in IMPACT.

Speaking about the upcoming match against Mickie, Fatu feels it’s the most important match of her career up to this point. Her only fear is not giving Mickie her very best that night and Mickie responded by sharing that she has that same fear about not giving Trinity her best in their bout.

I feel like this is probably the most important match in my career now at this moment and the only fear that I have is not giving you (Mickie James) my best on that night. So, I love, I respect you so much. I think you truly are one of the greatest. You have been at this and fighting for women’s wrestling and breaking down barriers and walls before I even knew about it, before I even started here and just to be in that ring across from a woman that I respect so much, my fear is just not living up to all that you see in me. So that is the biggest challenge for me, but also, the most exciting match for me and I’m so looking forward to it and I think it’s gonna be a fan favorite. It’s gonna be a favorite of mine and I know we’re gonna kill it.

Coming out of Bound For Glory, IMPACT is heading on a tour of the United Kingdom and are presenting Turning Point on 10/27. New matches have been added to the show lineup and the card can be viewed here.

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