Trinity speaks out: WWE exit was 'blessing in disguise'

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Trinity Fatu has spoken publicly for the first time after debuting for IMPACT Wrestling at its Chicago tapings on Friday night.

Talking with NBC 5 Chicago, the wrestler formerly known as Naomi in WWE answered a series of questions.

When asked how it felt to be back after an almost year-long hiatus, she said:

It felt really good. You know, it’s scary when you’re away for a while and you come back not knowing what the reaction is going to be, if you’re going to be missed, if fans still care, if they still remember.

So I was extremely nervous about that, but Chicago reassured me that they still got love for your girl.

It was pointed out to Trinity that she seemed to get emotional while making her promo in the ring. She admitted:

I did. Gosh, I did. I was trying to hold back the tears, but it just felt so good being back in wrestling and being with IMPACT in a place where I feel so welcome and just for the opportunity and just receiving all the love, it was very, very overwhelming and I really felt it in my heart, I really did. I couldn’t even hide the emotion.

She was then asked to talk about her journey from a lengthy hiatus to making her return with IMPACT:

I think it took a little while for me to figure things out. I’ve been wrestling 14 years now, and then one day everything just changed and I felt like my whole world was turned upside down and things were shuffled around. I took a little time to just process everything and really sort out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be.

I chose IMPACT because I really, truly believe that it has one of the best women’s divisions — the history of it. I’ve been watching these women for years from afar and I’ve always admired the talent here. So, once I made that decision, that’s what I wanted to do. I went after it, and now I’m here.

Trinity was questioned about how the “whirlwind” of 2022 would affect how she approached the next chapter of her career:

At the time, it was very scary, but I feel like everything happens for a reason, and I feel like it was a blessing in disguise.

I feel that it’s allowed me to grow and become better in every way, in every aspect. It showed me how strong I really am, and now I’ve got this new journey ahead of me, these new goals, and I’m excited and ready to step into this new chapter.

Asked for a message to the fans that have been waiting for her return, she said:

I’m here, I didn’t leave y’all. Your inspiration, your tweets, your comments — it was everything that I needed to literally kick out and get my butt back in the ring.

So, thank you. I’m here for you guys, and I just want to continue to glow and make you proud.

Closing out the interview, Trinity noted that IMPACT would return to the Cicero Stadium in Chicago on July 28th and 29th for “Chicago Heat” and again on October 21st and 22nd to run Bound For Glory.

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