Triple H says the person who disrespected recently released talent has been fired from WWE

Originally published at Triple H says the person who disrespected recently released talent has been fired from WWE

Earlier today, former 6-time WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James shared that WWE sent the remainder of her belongings to her in a garbage bag with her name on it. James, along with nine other talents were released from WWE on April 15th.

As the image made the rounds, Paul “Triple H” Levesque commented on the situation and noted that the person responsible for disrespecting some of WWE’s recently released talent has been fired from the company.

Dear @VinceMcMahon Im not sure if you’re aware, I did receive my @WWE care package today. Thank you. #AlwaysBlessedandGrateful #WomensWrestlingMatters 💋

— Mickie James~Aldis (@MickieJames) April 22, 2021

Upon learning of the disrespectful treatment some of our recently released talent received on behalf of the company, we took immediate action. The person responsible for this inconsiderate action has been fired and is no longer with @WWE.

— Triple H (@TripleH) April 23, 2021

James was released along with Mojo Rawley, Samoa Joe, Billie Kay, Bo Dallas, Peyton Royce, Chelsea Green, Wesley Blake and Tucker.

WWE’s recently releases fell on the same day of their mass releases after WrestleMania in 2020.

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Why is WWE such a trash company? And why can’t they name who was fired?


Because when they name the person, then fans will complain about WWE enabling online abuse against a former employee.

Looks like it may have been Mark Carrano (no surprise there).

So why would WWE choose to protect him? Just a shady move from a shady company. He probably has dirt on people there and as long as he stays quiet they don’t out him

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Is this confirmed to be connected? Because just a few hours ago the story was a re-org and his current position being unknown.

Ultimately people want to be mad at the company and it doesn’t really matter what they do from here, that isn’t going to change. I find it unnecessary to create an avenue for more people to get abused because of it and I doubt that’s what Mickie or anyone else would want either. In the scheme of things whoever it was did something disrespectful and paid a price for it. It’s a bag of inanimate belongings, though. She deserves an apology. Lets not pretend like the bad return of property is worthy of the level of hatred that it would bore if someone is named.


Maybe treat talent with a little respect and you don’t have to worry about abuse. For what it’s worth, it doesn’t appear to be a new thing - Gail Kim and Jillian Hall both indicated they were dealt with in a similar way.

There are some major warts in WWE and it’s long been overdue they get called out


Looks like John confirmed these two things were connected. So I guess we have our person to blame. May everyone get their piece of flesh.

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I don’t think any sensible person is after Carrano. My issue, and many others, is the environment in which that attitude (among a whole lot of other shitty behavior), was allowed to thrive and exist for so long.

The idea that Triple H or anybody else was firing somebody because of these actions is ridiculous. They’re firing somebody to save face, because they got outted.


It’s a dumb reason to fire someone and I’m assuming there’s some convenience here they won’t be rushing to undo.

But I also wonder in a company this size if anyone of higher importance actually had any clue this was happening. Not an excuse, but worthwhile to know.


I don’t really understand the perceived disrespect of getting your loose, soft items back in a large bag. If it was a clear bag would it have been better? Should the items have been wrapped with tissue paper? Or just loose in a box? I’m just so confused by this entire situation.


A nicer box or a canvas bag, yes. Instead they used a garbage bag, intended normally for garbage.

This has been a company run by assholes, overrun with assholes, that continues to do asshole things.


But then if something gets wet and ruined, it’s their fault for not putting them in plastic so they’re liquid proof?

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I mean, they could have used a suitcase, I guess. A big enough duffel bag if one exists?

Also knowing how most companies in the world work, I guess its nice they actually retrieved her stuff and gave it back so quick. Would people have been okay if they used just the box with no bag? I dunno. I think it to a person already fired is kind of an unneeded extra sign of a lack of care for them, and Mickie in particular isn’t just some random run of the mill wrestler either.

I also think it quickly goes from feeling bad for Mickie (and anyone else this happened to) to just a tool for wrestling fans mad about other things to have a new outlet or jumping off point to scream about the company in unrelated or macro functions that have little or adjacent connection to the event, so inevitably a bigger deal will be made than necessary. Not to validate or invalidate those options, but it does tend to make the anger over specific events seem less pure.


I know some people here are going to hate your comment, but you’re right. Would I send a former employee their belongings in a trash bag? No. If I received my belongings in a trash bag, would I care? Honestly, No.

The truth is that there are fans that HATE WWE for whatever reason, and they are just using this as their newest “injustice” to complain about. WWE has done some really shitty things (Saudi deal, for example), this just isn’t at that level. Does anyone really believe that Vince or Hunter mandated that talent receive their stuff in garbage bags??

I also find it pretty gross that people want the fired individual outed online, this person just lost their job for a stupid mistake, do they really need thousands of idiot fans bullying them online? Did we not learn anything from the Hannah Kimura situation? People do not deserve to be bullied online because they got mad about their tights going in the wash (work or no work), they also don’t deserve to be bullied because they carelessly threw someone’s items in a garbage bag.


Thoughts and prayers to all the offended property recipients involved. It’s been an emotional roller coaster this week with the verdict out of Minneapolis, the police interference with a neighborhood argument that led to a tragedy in Columbus, and now fired professional wrestlers getting their belongings mailed to them in a garbage bag. I try to put on a strong brave face, but it’s getting harder.


If you don’t think a billion dollar company can do better to employees they fired during a pandemic then I’m not sure what to tell you. A garbage bag I guess is all they can afford

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Why let perspective get in the way of a good Twitter rant.

My question is: do they have company bags or cases or card boxes or whatever to send the belongings to the released talent? Cause if they do - this is truly disrespectful. If they have to use whatever they have on hand… well, trash bags ain’t that bad of a solution if the belongings are well folded and not just thrown in and peed on.

This definitely feels like insecure wrestlers showing how insecure they are and they’re being worked by the office and the office is sending a message.

So at work, if you’re laid off and you’re not there you’re, your stuff is likely put in a trash bag by the job steward for one reason. It’s easier. Gather all their stuff, boots, tools, jackets, etc, put in a garbage bag and then maybe a box. Hell, when I get laid off from work, I’ll take everything I have and put it in a garbage bag so I can take it all with me then pack it in a suitcase. I think Mickie James is awesome, I think all the other wrestlers who are complaining are great but they are looking way too much into this.