Triple Threat (or more) tag matches

So after Full Gear and heading into Survivor series (where we will have at least 3 triple threat tag matches) I realize even more how much I hate triple threat (or more) tag matches. In a triple threat singles match all 3 competitors are in the match, but in the tag version only 2 people are. The rest just stand on the apron waiting for someone not on their team to tag them in. Why? Why would anyone ever tag them in? Why not have one person from each team in the match? This will be even worse in SS with 13 people standing on the apron at all times, and in an elimination match why would you ever tag in? Just let the other teams eliminate each other first.

It just really feels like if we are going to do multi-team tag matches they should have one person from each team in the ring at all times. In addition for SS they should come up with some other format, it is too many people standing around, seems like they would be better served with either a battle royal, or perhaps a triple threat gauntlet elimination match, where you have one person from each brand in the ring and when someone gets eliminated the next person runs in to join the match. Leave the champions out of the match but perhaps make it that the last person standing gets a title shot on their brand (in the gauntlet make it team vs team but if one team has multiple people left they compete against each other)

I don’t know anything sounds better to me then 2 wrestlers in the ring and 13 standing around, 5 of which should want to avoid being tagged in at all cost.

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It would be silly, let’s hope they have one team member from each side at all times. I mean it should be like this, why not ?

It should be but multi-team tags never are for some reason. I’m not sure if they are worried about refs missing tags or something, but that seems solvable by having extra officials.

They sometimes plan the matches with the refs especially when they have to take bumps or be involved in the match in some way.

Yeah I’m just thinking that maybe the reason for only 2 guys is if 2 guys are fighting or pinning and a tag takes place across the ring the ref would never believably see it. That is the only reason I can really come up with for why a singles triple threat is 3 guys in the ring and a tag triple threat is 2.

It’s been established for a while now that a three-way dance of any ilk is a no DQ match. It just looks dumb when guys are standing around waiting for a legal tag.

Having said that, I do NOT want to just see a 15-person brawl where 11+ of them are conveniently KOed on the outside at all times. I really haven’t thought about it too much, because I’m just kinda bummed out that WWE has taken the best episode of TV in years (the NXT invasion) and killed it by forcing the “Raw vs. Smackdown” aspect into the mix as well. We’ll see how it plays out, but I have no faith at this point.

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That is also true, why obey the tag rules if there is no DQ. The multi-team tag match really comes across as taking a so-so singles match idea, and trying to do the same thing with teams.

I agree though that first Smackdown was excellent and they have screwed it up since. No one wants a three way classic survivor series match, they don’t have the titles on the right guys to do a champion 3 way, the women’s champion match feels ok but I’d rather see Becky vs Shayna then have Bailey in the match. It really kind of feels like they were forced to move up the invasion because of the Saudi issues and now things are just dragging.

It also feels like the brand supremacy angle only really works well if you have authority figures competing for something.

The whole thing really just shows the issue WWE has with gimmick PPVs