TRMPS #15: The Other Guys (2010) / Pain & Gain (2013) with Brian Mann

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On this installment of The Rocky Maivia Picture Show, Nate Milton and Brian Mann (Complex, Keep It 2000) reunite to tackle two of Dwayne Johnson’s most important film roles with The Other Guys and Pain & Gain!

Topics discussed include The Rock’s career resurgence in the 2010’s, DJ’s correlation to Mark Whalberg, and what the heck was going on with the music scene in 2013?!? All that and so much more on a feel-good episode of the program!

The Rocky Maivia Picture Show is a monthly movie review podcast that drops every 3rd Saturday on POST Wrestling!



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overall a very enjoyable episode. though there were some audio issues.


I just started this one yesterday, and yes, something terrible happened in post-production where periodically, the sound would go into fast-forward to the point of Tasmanian Devil speak before reverting back to normal. I still got a lot out of this episode before having to shut it off.

I watched Pain & Gain ahead of this episode, and I think it has some major issues, but I can definitely see how this script could have worked under better direction. I believe it was actually Rock’s character, not Anthony Mackie’s, that was a composite of at least four different people.

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Shout out to @PodFatherSOH for the Partners is Kryme reference. That TMNT Soundtrack was the first CD I ever purchased. Before that, I had to watch the end credits on the VHS to hear the song. And I did. A lot.

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