TRMPS #23: San Andreas (2015) w/ Shane McDonough & Kris Ealy

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Now that the election is over, what are we all supposed to do?

We rebuild…

This month on The Rocky Maivia Picture Show, Nate Milton welcomes educator & author Shane McDonough (“Lucy Recycles) and “The Professor” Kris Ealy into the theater to review The Rock’s 2015 disasterpieceSan Andreas”!

Topics discussed include: Election-induced anxiety, why Shane thinks this is a perfect film, Hollywood’s continued confusion when it comes to casting DJ’s family/love interests, the effectiveness of using slowed-down pop songs in movie trailers, and a pitch for a “San Andreas”/”Spy Kids” crossover flick! All that and more on a ground-breaking (get it?) edition of TRMPS!


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