TRMPS #8: The Gameplan (2007) w/ Kris Ealy & Britney Monaé

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Are you ready to “feel the magic”, POST-Marks?

On this edition of The Rocky Maivia Picture Show, Nate Milton continues his trip through Dwayne Johnson’s filmography by reviewing the movie that kicked off The Rock’s relationship with “The House Of Mouse”, 2007’s The Gameplan!

Nate is joined by two special guests this month; return reviewer Kris Ealy (“Power Dynamics”/“The Twenny Twin-Twin”) and actress/writer/podcaster, Britney Monaé (“Fangirls”/“The Black Lightning Podcast”)!

The trio discusses Hollywood’s treatment of The Rock and other actors of color as sex symbols, the conspicuous lack of NFL branding in the film, and ultimately whether or not this kid-friendly comedy still holds up 12 years later. All of that, plus Britney sorts the guys (and John Cena!) into Hogwarts Houses on the latest edition of The Rocky Maivia Picture Show!


The Rocky Maivia Picture Show is a monthly movie review podcast that drops every 3rd Saturday on POST Wrestling!

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