TRMPS #VI: Southland Tales (2006) w/ Brian Mann

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Have a nice apocalypse, POST-Marks!

On this edition of The Rocky Maivia Picture Show, Nate Milton welcomes Brian Mann (Keep It 2000/Complex) back into the theater to review 2006’s Southland Tales.

**Does director Richard Kelly’s sprawling sci-fi satire deserve it’s negative reputation? Is this film an under-appreciated classic?

**Is this secretly one of DJ’s best on-screen performances?

**Will Nate & Brian like this movie more or less than a Russo-riffic edition of WCW Monday Nitro?

Press “Play” to find out the answers to “all these things” & more!

Plus, YOUR feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum.


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Excellent episode. I have not yet seen this movie, but I’m partially compelled to after listening to this.

The argument that this movie is ahead of its time and would play better now is an interesting one. Conversely, while Idiocracy can be considered ahead of its time as well, I thought it established its basic premise in the opening minutes very well and holds some weight in the George W. Bush era, and unlike Southland Tales, it has found its audience on DVD and has more recognition and admiration (though I can’t say I enjoyed that movie as much as other things Mike Judge has done). According to Wiki, Idiocracy at most played at 135 theaters and earned less than $450k because of it, as apparently its distributor (Fox :wink: ) didn’t want to offend the movie-going public with its premise.