Trump Claims to have Covid-19

True? Or a political tactic?

I trust nothing this man says. I could see him lying about this to get out of doing another live debate or I could also see him lying about this to garner empathy (not saying it will work, speaking to his delusional motivations).

He could just inject some bleach…

It appears he does in fact have it - I spoke to a few colleagues in the US that seem to confirm the story the Hope Hicks has it and was in close proximity to him and he likely is positive

Hopefully he and his wife recover.

Not sure what this means for Biden and Wallace - although they did stay apart and hope they are okay


And at the debates he was attacking Biden for wearing a mask “all the time, even 200 meters away, the biggest mask you’ve seen, this guy wears it. I wear one when I need to.”

The question now is will he downplay it as not being bad like Bolsaro in Brazil or be more contrite and get sympathy like Boris.

Either way it may get him out of the other debates. But he also needs attention and I don’t think can deal with being quiet for two weeks.

Looks like we have a years worth of news in a day:


Hope Hicks tested negative for COVID-19 Wednesday morning, so she boarded AF1. She developed symptoms during the day and received a second test, which came back positive. The White House knew about this Wed evening but Trump still had a fundraiser Thursday.

I’m told a small group of officials were aware Thursday a.m. that Hope Hicks had tested positive. Despite that, President Trump traveled to New Jersey for a fundraiser and his press secretary held a briefing.

Did McEnany knowingly expose WHCA journalists?

Today is insane. A month of news in one day.

Trump and Melania TEST POSITIVE

Kim Guilfoyle (Partner of Don Jr and advisor to POTUS) - Sexual Predator

CNN is playing tapes of Melania saying “Give me a fucking break” about children separated from parents. And “Who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decoration? But I have to do it.”

Hope Hicks has COVID

Trump is a white supremacist

Parscale is under investigation

Barrett didn’t disclose that she signed onto an ad calling for Roe repeal

Wohl and Burkman charged*

GOP Texas Gov limits drop boxes to one per county. Harris county is 1500+ sq. mi.*

1600 DOJ Alumni send warning about Bill Barr using his influence to undermine free and fair elections

Daniel Cameron (KY AG) lied to the public about Breonna Taylor. A member of the grand jury is blowing the whistle.*

Forensic News can reveal, based on exclusive documents, that a small bank in Russia with deep ties to Russian intelligence quietly moved $330 million into Deutsche Bank’s New York branch during the time period that it was lending to Trump.

Archive link for ^

Internal document shows Trump officials were told to make comments sympathetic to Kyle Rittenhouse*

Trump on Hicks:

I just went for a test and we’ll see what happens. I mean who knows… But it’s very very hard when you are with people from the military or from law enforcement… they want to hug and they want to kiss you… she’s a very warm person with them

Four years ago, today – Trump mocking Hillary for pneumonia:

I would assume Biden will issue generic statement wishing Trump and wife well.

If roles were reversed you have to wonder if Trump tweets out this is why you don’t vote Biden bc he’s weak and got COVID and he didn’t lol

A surreal election just got even more surreal


I’m just wondering when 2020 is going to be made into a TV series or movie.

I hope not. I never ever want to relive all this bullshit. It would be like those terrible 9/11 movies they’ve made.

You know something will happen. Studios can’t pass up the opportunity. This year would normally be something, only seen in a movie or TV series, but we’re actually living it now.

Lol there’s always a series called “the Comey rule.” Look at all the books, you know there’s going to be movies based on the books, based on the movies, based on comic books, based on tweets, based on God knows what…

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Pretty sure Trump tweeted support and well wishes for Trudeau and Sophie when they were COVID+ in the spring, despite their less than cordial relationship.

I’m really sickened and disturbed by all the people cheering and laughing at this news. Not directed at you, Alex, but society at large. Especially here in Canada I think there’s a major false sense of security like we will never go through what America is going through because we don’t have Trump in charge.

We are all just as susceptible to this virus as anyone else. Cases are absolutely spiking in Canada right now, and if you think this news about Trump is “funny” or “ironic,” I would advise you to hug your elderly loved ones extra tight, because I think we are going to have some extremely dark times ahead of us this winter.

Hope Trump and his wife fully recover, and perhaps learn a lesson from all of this.

Or a “social distance hug”

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Trump never gave any sense of sensitivity or sadness for any of the 200K dead Americans, he said “it is what it is.” I feel the same way about him having it, “it is that it is.” I’m not going to show any care about it.


If Trump dies, he’ll be made a martyr. Everything he’s said and done will be lost to the sands of time, which will allow it to happen again more easily. There’ll be the usual centrists and liberals who will whitewash history and the usual idiot public who go right along with it.

Also, Pence is arguably much worse and it’d probably make a Republican victory more likely. Anti-Trump Republicans etc who would vote for Biden or abstain would vote Pence instead.

Some of the mocking reaction and scepticism is completely unsurprising and understandable considering the horrendous way Trump and his supporters have handled the pandemic, but those people need to be conscious of the fact things can and likely will get a lot worse. Especially if he dies.

Yeah, i’m not going to laugh or cheer but i sure as hell don’t sympathise or feel sad for the man. He’s a vile piece of shit.

Why do these far right lunatics always get to act like absolute scum to all the innocent faceless people they torment every day but everyone else has to be respectful to them? That’s a rhetorical question because we all know damn well they’ve built the system that way.


I wasn’t criticizing anyone who says “it is what it is.” It quite literally IS what it is — there is no lie or malice in this statement. I’m not saying you should hold a candle light vigil for the man. I’m saying if you’re pointing, laughing, or cheering another person’s life-threatening illness, you probably lack empathy may well be a sociopath.

I personally do not not care for Trump at all, however I would never cheer that someone got Covid-19, I think that type of behaviour just adds to the problem.

Not that this is the same, but I remember years ago when Osama Bin Laden was killed, I turned on the US news and people were partying in the streets. I found that gross as well.

It’s important for people to keep their moral compass in tact, even when a person they dislike goes through something. If we go down to their level, it just leads to escalation and then you loose site in who was wrong to begin with. I don’t want to Trump to die, I just want him to loose.

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I disagree, I think the GOP’s only shot is WITH Trump. Mike Pence doesn’t ignite the base like Dolt 45 does. If something happened to Trump & we ended up w/a lame-duck President Pence, I feel like Biden washes him head to head.

Or they’re human beings with emotions who have been damaged by this administration.

Like I’m not going to wish death on anyone (especially publicly)…But if someone gets a chuckle out of the guy who told us this virus was a hoax (which fostered an attitude among some which is still costing us American lives to this day) contracting Da 'Rona…I get it.



Agree to disagree here. I am also a human being with emotions who has been damaged by various people in my life — family members, ex-girlfriends, kids from high school, and yes even politicians. That being said, I don’t wish illness or death (Publicly or implied privately) on these people, nor is that a healthy mindset to keep. I know, because my therapist told me so.

Instead, I choose to go high while others go low. Hopefully those people that have harmed me or you can see the errors in their ways and move on with their lives to provide some positivity in the world. Maybe this is the wake-up call some Trump supporters and anti-maskers needed to take this thing seriously?

This COVID business is going to personally affect all of us before all is said and done, and I do believe we are better off working collectively to support each other rather than dragging each other down.

100% agree with you on your first part.

As for the second, there is definitely a level of Karma involved here, however some of the comments out there (im not talking here) are quite gross. People wishing death upon him and his family etc.