Two more performers from The Collective reveal positive COVID-19 tests

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There have been two more performers that participated in the shows attached to The Collective last weekend that have received positive COVID-19 test results.

Following Wednesday’s news that independent wrestler Dan The Dad had tested positive, wrestlers AC Mack and Cabana Man Dan have revealed positive test results.

Mack participated in the Southern Underground Pro event on Friday night as well as GCW’s For the Culture and Effy’s Big Gay Brunch shows.

Cabana Man Dan was a participant in the Clusterfuck Battle Royal at Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4 show on Saturday night.

Sooo…yes, get tested guys. Before & after every show. Got tested yesterday & unfortunately, the results came back positive.

No shows, no training, no hanging out, no ANYTHING for a while. Champ down. 😓


…Any Netflix suggestions?😅😅

— Champ. (@AC_Mack) October 15, 2020


Ok guys. Please get tested any time after an event and before another one.

Enclosed is my 6th negative Covid test I’ve taken last week.

To ensure the safety of others going into this weekend’s events and training, I got tested again today.

Unfortunately it came back positive.

— Cabana Man Dan (@cabanamandan) October 15, 2020