Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder to win WBC Heavyweight Championship

Tyson Fury wins in the seventh round as Wilder’s corner throws in towel.


Terrific performance by Tyson Fury.
Glad Wilder’s corner threw in the towel, it was getting uncomfortable.


An absolute boxing masterclass from Fury

Now for Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua for a ridiculous amount of money


Phenomenal performance.

Is Braun the lineal Champion?


Nope. Joshua has two matches left on contract and Fury has triology fight left with DW. The dream match will take a while to come together

Fury v Brock would have been money at this years Mania but alas we have Brock v a sweaty sock

Tyson beat Braun.

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You’d think but there are so many factors that need to be sorted out.

Think Joshua wants it in Saudi Arabia, not sure where Fury wants it.

There’s always the money splits also don’t forget about TV rights Joshua is with Sky/DAZN and Fury is with BT/ESPN. Granted that could be shared coverage but I fear how much on PPV it would cost, surely it’ll be more than £24.99 UK price

Wouldn’t be shocked if he appeared at Wrestlemania, he was rumoured originally and didn’t take any damage.

They can easily heat somebody up for him, Big Show maybe.

Remember Steph and Triple H were in Fury’s backstage area in Vegas

Probably have some sort of mention on Raw tomorrow

For anyone interested, here’s Part 1 of the KOS-Pod post-fight coverage, I roll solo for a special reaction show & then Marcus & I will be back Monday w/more thoughts & predictions for what happens next! :100:


DW wont do a 3rd fight. He was humbled.

And if Eddie Hearn wants it - he will sort it