U.S. Coast Guard suspends search for Shad Gaspard, case will remain open

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/05/19/u-s-coast-guard-suspends-search-for-shad-gaspard-case-will-remain-open/

On Sunday, former WWE talent Shad Gaspard and his son were among a group of people that were caught in a rip current. Lifeguards were able to pull everyone out but according to TMZ, Gaspard instructed the lifeguards to save his 10-year old son before he was rescued and they were not able to rescue Gaspard. As of this writing, Shad has not been found. It’s noted in the article that another “big wave” crashed onto Gaspard and that was the last time he was seen.

In another update from TMZ, the U.S. Coast Guard informed the publication that the search for Gaspard has been suspended. There was at least one boat still searching for Shad this morning. The case will not be closed until Shad is found, but for now, search efforts have been scaled back.

Shad’s family sent a statement to the likes of Kofi Kingston, MVP and Shane “Hurricane” Helms to pass along to the public regarding the news of Shad’s disappearance:

“@Shadbeast‘s family appreciates all the love, support, and concern through this horrible ordeal. At this time they are not ready to make any public or official statements to any media outlet And ask all to respect their wishes.”

Shad’s tag team partner, JTG shared a text message that Shad sent to him on the day of Kobe Bryant’s passing and Shad wrote: “If I ever die tomorrow, just know I love you as a brother and a friend forever, even past life.”

Just tragic. I cant imagine how his friends and family feel right now. My condolences.

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So sad! Cryme Tyme had a hell of a run in the mid to late 2000s. I feel like Shad’s singles heel run in 2010 could have gone further than it did. He had the right size to be a badass monster heel.