UFC 229: McGregor vs Nurmagomedov presser

NO need to say anything, let the video speak for itself. Hope y’all enjoy!

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Cocaine is a helluva drug


Is foookin even a word?

What’s the old saying…

“Never get high on your own supply!”

…Connor looked & sounded drunk, Absolut shambles of a presser. Can’t believe UFC striped a woman of her championship because her kidney’s shut down during a weight cut, but allows Connor to fight for a Championship after felony assault charges, and a reported 6-figure pay day.


And that’s nothing compared to Jon Jones… it’s definitely a week that’s cast the UFC in that negative light that they tried so hard to distance themselves from.

That being said, we know why guys like Conor, JBJ and Brock get special treatment. The UFC is a business, and they are going to use whatever tools they have at their disposal to make money. It’s moreso the Commisions and U$ADA that I have a problem with. They just reek of corruption.


As a fan of MMA and a proud Irish man, this was mortifying. I couldn’t finish it I was cringing so bad.
He’s clearly not well. Hope he gets the help he needs.


Enter McMahon money gif

I loved it. I’m not an MMA fan anymore. I used to be when the first Ultimate Fighter was around, but there are too many boring fights in my opinion.

These are the kinda guys that make me read up about what’s going on. If he’s stupid enough to get drunk or act like a clown, as long as he or anyone else is entertaining, I don’t give a shit.

Rather watch the real Roast battle instead of McGregor trying out his new 15 minute set.

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Definitely felt like a shark jumping moment yesterday. Kind of felt like when Chael did that Off The Record interview with Lansberg and he was juat an over the top parody of himself.

Way more annoying than entertaining.

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See I am a huge fan of MMA and since its about McGregor vs Khabib, then its definitely one hell of a match between them. Everyone is so waiting for this match. I am a huge fan of McGregor and I literally support him like crazy. The struggle he did and the passion he has throughout his career is for real.
But after the Mayweather fight, I realized that he went a bit crazy and he started shooting blindly. And he didn’t realize that he took Khabib and rolled him out for no reason. But Khabib is one big son of a gun.
I don’t know what he was thinking at the time when he attacked Khabib’s bus and crew and all, but that was not to be appreciated at all. My heart is for Khabib and my mind is for McGregor. But may the best man wins. :slight_smile:

In Irish Accent yes it is. I remember watching the movie The foreigner starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. It was difficult understanding every foooking word Brosnan spit out of his mouth.

That was the worst thing McGregor did I believe attacking Khabib’s crew and his bus. You need to fight, fight like a man in the ring rather than doing this old shit Stone Cold Steve Austin has done and dusted, yeah I enjoyed that one.

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