UFC announces date for UFC 300 in April

Originally published at UFC announces date for UFC 300 in April

The UFC has confirmed the date for UFC 300 next year.

On Friday, it was announced on X that UFC 300 will take place on Saturday, April 13. When asked at the UFC’s seasonal press conference about a location, Dana White said it would be in Las Vegas.

The venue has not been announced, although the usual arena for the UFC is the T-Mobile Arena.

We'll see you in April for #UFC300! pic.twitter.com/9i6F5cwg0g

— UFC (@ufc) December 16, 2023

The company’s first four pay-per-views of the year are now confirmed with UFC 297 on January 20 in Toronto, UFC 298 on February 17 in Anaheim, UFC 299 on March 9 in Miami, and UFC 300 on April 13 in Las Vegas.

No fights have been announced yet for the April date.

The UFC has also confirmed Fight Night events for February 24 in Mexico City at Arena CDMX, and a return to Atlantic City on March 30 with no venue confirmation yet.

I don’t know where else to put this, but I enjoyed John and Wai’s discussion about the UFC on the newest SmackDown podcast.

I too feel like the majority of the UFC fanbase are extremely unpleasant people, and through the years the UFC has went out of its way to try and grow that specific toxic audience.

I’ve been an MMA fan since before The Ultimate Fighter, and I’ve loved watching the UFC through the years, but in the last couple years I’ve really stopped enjoying it as much and rarely go out of my way to watch the product unless one of my favorite fighters are competing, and Shogun was my favorite and since he’s been gone I’ve really had no reason to watch, but the few times I have turned it on it seems like the entire show is right wing propaganda. I do not affiliate myself with any political party, but I am very anti-Donald Trump and anti-Trump supporters, and that’s who most of the recent broadcasts I’ve watch felt like they was geared toward.

In recent years I’ve grown very weary of how the UFC has handled business. Completely turning a blind eye to people like Jon Jones and Conor McGregor doing horrendous things just because they can make the company money. Jon Jones never should’ve fought in the UFC again after he hit that pregnant lady then ran away. Conor never should have been allowed to fight for the company again after the dolly incident. But these complete scumbags can make the company money because their fan base, also consisting of a bunch of scumbags, love all the antics. I really reached by breaking point after Dana slapped his wife and how that was handled. He didn’t even get a slap on the wrist. Nothing. It’s deplorable. The way the UFC handles, or chooses to not handle things actually, is deplorable. The company chooses to glorify terrible behavior. Maybe I’m just getting older, I’m 41 now, and I’m just aging out? Looking back none of my favorite fighters were twatty and ever said outlandish things just for attention. Shogun, GSP, Anderson, all these guys were role models compared to the Sean Strickland’s and Colby Covington’s of the world.

I guess I mainly fell off the UFC wagon when they started glorifying Trump. Before that when people I didn’t like were fighting, I just chose not to watch the shows they were competing on. Anymore I just choose not to watch at all.

Anyway, just wanted to vent. If you guys are watching the show tonight, have fun.

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