Underrated Wrestling Podcasts

We all know about your Roberts and your OSWs, but what shows do you think are worthy of a wider audience? From a retro bent, I think the humor of ’ Our Vantage Point’ and the analysis of ‘Wrestling 20 Years Ago’ take some beating.

Sunday Night’s Main Event. lol

Hey are they are MLW Network now? Isn’t that where the big boys play?

I don’t think Keller gets the love he deserves. He is incredibly smart and funny and makes wrestling seem credible and not some form of low brow entertainment for idiots. I don’t understand the love for Meltzer and Alvarez over Wade.


Lapsed Fan, New Generation Podcast, AE Podcast & Powerslam podcast on Inside The Ropes are all worth a listen.

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If you like week old news. Times have changed.

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I got hooked on The Attitude Era Podcast.

Yep, Jay and Mouth are on MLW Network now. That’s big!

I like listening to Wade Keller and Bruce Mitchell to be honest more than Dave and Bryan. I learn a lot of history from those guys.

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Dave is a TERRIBLE talker

Respect to OSW and New Gen, but their humor doesn’t click with me for whatever reason.

Big shout-out to the Place To Be podcast too… I always feel they should be better known.

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To be fair, I don’t think anyone listens to the Dave for his “talking ability”.

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A lot of wrestlers have podcasts. Mark Henry is very good.

Sure. He’s a poor writer too but nobody subscribes to a wrestling newsletter for Iambic Pentameter. It does make things hard to follow though.

Greetings From Allentown is definitely underrated. The host is from the Boston area and does the podcast solo, but most of the shows he reviews are the most obscure. He’ll review random Wrestling Challenges, Saturday Nights, Superstars, AWA shows, and other random C and D show TV’s mostly from the 1980s and 1990s. You’ll learn a lot from some of the random shit he sees on these shows. It’s also quite enjoyable if you’re into side tangents and nostalgia. He’ll include a lot of references to sports history at the time and other pop culture. Give Greetings From Allentown a chance, and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Why It Ended With Robbie E & Matt Koon and Primetime With Sean Mooney are also worth checking out, as they frequently have guys on that don’t too many interviews but the quality of the show they have is really dependent upon the guest.

Ah yes, Allentown is fantastic. Peter’s research and knowledge are a joy to behold.