Underrated Wrestling Themes

I was going through some old files on a CPU and came across Chavo’s entrance theme - you know, the ‘Oooh Chavo!’ theme, and felt it was really quite fantastic.

Anybody else want to throw out any other themes that don’t get enough love? I’m not talking about Sexy Boy or Ted DiBiase but those ones that never did get the love mainly because their owners didn’t progress to the level necessary to get the theme over.

Funnily enough, the first themes i think of as great but underappreciated also have that great latin sound:

Latino World Order:


:joy::joy:. Taker’s theme song while getting dropkicked over the top rope by Maven.

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Big Show’s 2nd theme!

I always loved that theme. It was simple, told you who this man was and what’s he’s going to do in a beautifully done “Monday Night Football” sounding track. I mean, you can’t tell me you don’t belt out that opening line out of sheer glee?


As I said in another thread, Doink’s theme, the right mix between silly clown and psychopath.

I don’t know if this is a popular opinion, but I always really liked drew mcintyres original theme.


I’m pretty sure it isn’t an unpopular opinion, don’t think I ever heard anyone say this was a bad theme.

I don’t think the era of everyone having a rock-lite theme is best remembered.

I used to enjoy Finlays theme when he was a heel. Hated when he turned face when Hornswoggle and the music got all happy and uppity.


Oh yes! “Domination” was the best thing that ever came from the “Brawl for All!” Great theme.

Also I just remembered “You Can Run!” Billy Kidman’s second WWE theme.

This theme was a banger, but didn’t fit Kidman AT ALL!

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Loved this one. Wish he’d used it longer.

I really like Eddie Guerreros original heel theme. This is a great remix of Viva La Raza!

Crowd heat is very underrated as an entrance theme.

I always thought David Otunga’s theme really got zero love. It was one of my faves, and I even used it as a ringtone for a while.

Coach sucks, but dammit, his 2006 theme was low key "HOT FIRE!"