Undertaker returns

So, the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Lesnar vs Reigns is still planned for Wrestlemania but it is also saying that the other match planned for Mania is going to be Taker vs Cena! Whats everyones thoughts on this? Ive always wanted to see this match at Mania but Takers past few matches at Mania have not been great and I think his send-off last year was the best way he couldve left so I dont know now if I want to see this match. What does everyone think?

Selfishly I want to see it but am wary of seeing it too. He is older and less agile and the “Deadman” wants to put on a good farewell show. Let’s hope the match is awesome and no one gets hurt. I also hope he has been in training all year and is in the best shape we’ve seen him in in years. :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:

Taker returning for another match is a bad idea after the near-perfect send off last year in Orlando. The quality of his matches have been progressively getting worse since his match vs. Punk at 'Mania 29.

With hindsight, the ideal place for this farewell match would have been 'Mania 32 in Dallas, but Cena’s injury prevented that in 2016.

I’m unsure of who would be the winner of the match with Cena’s schedule becoming more and more infrequent.

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In hindsight, the job Punk did in this match was incredible. Big Dead’s downfall kinda began with WrestleMania 27, but his match quality was still good due to all the smoking mirrors in his matches. Punk had barely any of those. After that it really went down the drain quality-wise.

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What would the motivation be for him to want to come back? I don’t get it. He had the perfect send off last year. I know his match with Roman was plagued with issues but his health is far more important.

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nope nope nope nope noooope i’m ok thx

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This will be a horrible match, and a big black mark on both mens legacy.

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As great as the send off was last year, the next night was absolutely perfect. Reigns soaking in the boos to proclaim “this is my yard now”. I wouldn’t want them to undo that moment.

Plus the match would fucking suck.


Shit was too final last year. They forced Flair to stick to his. Maybe they need to go the same route with Takes.


On a personal Level, i hope that Undertaker just does a appearance at the manhattan center on the RAW 25th anniversary show, does some sort a segment with Brother Love since they have history together and announce that he’S officially retired before hitting one last tombstone to Brother Love and he rides off into the sunset, go take cares of his kids and just enjoy his retirement. At this point, i truly don’T want to see him ruining his legacy even more by doing one more match.

But the fact is, Vince will probably found a way to convince him that they need him one more time for mania which will ruin the great moment he had last year and will give us yet another crappy undertaker match at mania because the guy can’t work anymore.


Will be a great spectacle at the very least. But who do you have go over. The “Streak” isn’t even a thing anymore. And haven’t both men left their “attire” in the ring in their most recent match to signify retirement ? Will they both do the same again ?

Definitely no, as he’ll be going the Terry Funk route of retiring over and over again. Leaving WM the way he did last year was perfect.

I’m hoping for Cena / Goldberg.

The 90s WWF mark in me wants Taker to never appear in a “kayfabe context” again. But I understand it from a business perspective, not to mention that he’s certainly earned the right to change his mind.

What I don’t understand from a business standpoint is - if Cena/Taker for Mania is really happening - why you would take two of the small number of guys that can legitimately help “make” younger wrestlers and/or significantly attract more eyeballs onto the product and pair them off with each other.

My guess is Undertaker or WWE wouldn’t trust a younger guy in the ring with Undertaker at this point, and Cena/Taker at WrestleMania has been a “dream” match for a lot of people for a long time. It’s quite a few years late, but I’ll look forward to it if it happens!

He needed to stop years ago.

They need to let the man go. His retirement at mania was incredible, one of the few great moments of a lackluster mania overall and it was the send off the Taker deserved after his years of being one of the best at what he does. I hope he doesn’t let WWE talk him in to tarnishing that. He looked terrible in that match but in the end it was forgiven because of what the match was. Bring Taker back for stuff like the Anniversary or Hall of Fame,. but don’t ruin his legacy by forcing a battered veteran to struggle through another match. This is a lesson one wishes that Misawa had learned…

If his speech last night was not a sign that he’s done for good, I feel the way he looked should give us a indication that he’s truly retired. Last night, he made Hulk Hogan look like he could wrestled again because Taker had all the problem in the world to just walk to the ring. At less they we’re smart and use him in the smaller venue which meant his entrance was shorter.

In the end, the guy had a great career and he got to end his career in the main event of mania, so Let’s just be happy for him and let him rest in peace.

If I had the choice between Undertaker or giving the spot to someone young, I’d go with the option that enables you to build for a future.

Unfortunately Takers day has been and gone, as much as I loved the gimmick and his portrayal enough is enough.

I think considering how much the WWE has relied on the nostalgia acts within the past few years what with Goldberg, Taker and Lesnar to an extent. Now is the time to actually take the roster seriously as the building blocks for the stability and longevity of this next generation (They’re not getting younger themselves).

That said, the WWE should have been taking their roster serious for the past 10 years instead of throwing matches and up-comers away in the drop of a hat to boost ratings for a week… which inevitably never works out given their current level of viewers.

I don’t think either Cena or Taker are in the right place to put on the match they could’ve in the past. I also never want to hear him say “taking souls and digging holes” ever again.