Unpopular opinion on ACH

First, I’d like to caveat this with the fact that I dont know who ACH is, never seen him wrestle, so i have no bias towards or against him. I also think WWE are a very morally corrupt company, what with their refusal to release unused talent, and their Saudi dealings.

However, I think ACH has been out of order in this situation. I am white, so I dont necessarily face that kind of racism, but I am Muslim and I have faced a lot of racism and racist remarks (or islamophobic or whatever the right term is) and they’ve hurt, but I’ve developed an understanding of when something is intentionally offensive, or just an oversight.

The shirt design did have racial connotations, and it shouldn’t have made it that far. However, I do think that it’s easily possible that that is just an oversight by the design team, especially when you consider every single shirt is a plain black one with a small logo. The only difference is, because ACH smiles a lot, they made it a smile. That simple. Could someone in the pipeline have been more aware and pointed out the issue? Yes. Is it completely racist to not have someone in this clearly small pipeline of probably a few people from the main merchandising department who work on NXT merch, who is aware of the connotations? Of course it isn’t racist.

His remarks that WWE doesn’t care about black wrestlers is silly, because until a few weeks ago their top champion was black. There have been situations before where they have been racist (Booker t, Vince saying n word) but he knew that before he joined, and still signed for the money.

At the end of the day, it’s a shirt that he approved, which is at face value not offensive, and only when you look into it does it begin to have racial connotations, and he’s spoken out against the company in a way more aggressive and immature way than he should have, because he wasnt getting booked on NXT TV. At least that’s how I’ve read it. I’m not saying that WWE are blameless, but I’m just saying what hes done is bang out of order for any employee at any company, short of them internally racially abusing him. Not to mention that stupid comment about Lethal.

The WWE is clearly racist. But it’s not just to black people. They are equal opportunities that way

  1. Tiger Ali Singh incident

  2. Portrayal of the Japenese wrestlers including Asuka recently spitting mist

  3. The Ugandan Giant the Fearless Kamala

  4. The Sultan

  5. Mohammed Hassan

In addition to all the stuff with black wrestlers including Vince.

However he knows this about them and he took the money. Yes the T-shirt was dumb. It should have been caught. They pulled it when he complained.

However he sounds unhinges TBH and needs help.

He is pissed.
Hopefully other promotions are not scared to take him now because they fear WWE reprisal.
Maybe back to ROH?

That’s pretty much exactly my view. WWE committed a minor wrong, and he reacted as if they threatened to murder his family or something. Again, not defending WWE, they are racist bastards, but he is more in the wrong in this situation

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Tbh, I think hes a troublemaker, and from what I’ve heard, he always has been one backstage. I dont think hes worth taking a punt on for any promotion, because hes more trouble than hes worth, and his name value and ability apparently dont compensate for that

After he called Jay Lethal “Uncle Tom”? Doubtful.

He managed to insult a lot of people with his rants, and people who initially stood behind him, on top of that (like Mark Henry and Booker T).

Exactly, I just think that mainstream wrestling media outlets (post wrestling, cultaholic, wrestletalk, etc) are all staying in line with political correctness, because it is part of the journalism gig, so most of the coverage is pro ACH. Btw, I dont blame any presenters at all for saying that they’re pro ACH even if they’re not, they’d almost be silly to say that hes in the wrong because of the over sensitive PC culture.

That’s a yikes from me

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He hated ROH, especially in his last 6 months. Guy missed his flight and blamed not having a ride to the airport in 2015 or 16, missed some shows and went on a twitter rant back then about it instead of saying it was his fault, he blamed the company and a friend that didn’t show up to pick him up.

Doesn’t matter, he hasn’t been released and even if he was, no major company in the US would touch him. Who am I kidding, Impact would.

Impact is in Canada now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tbh, I think Impact has matured a bit and I dont think they’d touch someone like him now either. He can go to a few small indies if he wants, but WWE cant release him, because of the precedent it sets to other wrestlers who wanna get released.

Meh- honestly they could just release people if they have no intention to use them. I think the people asking for release and being denied thing will make people want to see those people more when they eventually do leave. They could simply release people with a non-compete window

Vince likes humiliation though. He has the perfect chance to keep these jokers around and humiliate them like he did to Mike Bennett etc. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him get a few jollies out of these guys before their time is up

Or they refuse to do that stuff and stay at home. I’m pretty sure he cannot force people to do stuff if they are willing to sit it out.

I’m don’t know. Can he not Extend your deal if you don’t show up for work?

It does make you wonder, how does one get fired from WWE? Jimmy Snuka killed someone, and still had a job.

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I doubt that would be in the contract just injury. I’m pretty sure you just wouldn’t get paid.

I think that most wrestlers say that they want a release in order to get offered a better deal to stay. Or to get a much better offer from everyone when their contracts are up.

How many times have we seen WWE wrestlers pretend to be all upset and then sign a new multi year contract? Or they get a 1 week push and then get forgotten about. It happens over and over.

He good wrestler and make nice move

So has he actually been released? He’s booked to shows this month and December from what I saw on twitter.