Too bad, I like John’s analysis but enough is enough. Keep the politics out of your show and stop repeating the same arguments. Wai Ting is useless. How many times had he said “yeah, I didn’t watch the show”? Or, “yeah”. Great analysis Wai. Thanks for doing a recap and not even watching. I’ve listened for six months, but now it’s an unsubscribe.

“This is the first time MikeG has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”



…when did John and Wai even talk about politics recently?

And when has Wai not watched a show that he’s recapping?


So that must make my post invalid, right?

You joined an hour ago.

Thanks for peacocking.

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Really, are you serious or just trolling? All John did was harp on the Saudi show for a month and had an “expert” on to talk about it (one sided). What about how Vince can afford to pay for everyone’s healthcare? Who cares what he can “afford”? It’s not John’s job to spend someone else’s money. Again, there was someone in to only reinforce his point. Why isn’t there ever a dissenting point? Always someone that agrees.

Regarding Wai he probably says, “I didn’t watch this” 2-3 times a week. Listen to the shows. If you do, you’ll notice it. Kind of sad.

You’re right, that makes my opinion worthless. I’m new on the board, so I can’t have a valid point for what, 6 months, a year? Let me know what the timeframe is for a valid opinion please.

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Well, you’re just bitching for the sake of bitching. If you want to drop the podcasts then drop them. There are plenty of alternatives out there.

I won’t be responding to this thread anymore.

Good luck with the first-world problems.

When people bitch about “politics” they are normally bitching about Trump.

The Saudi reviews included some excellent geopolitical commentary to raise awareness of the atrocities being committed by the Saudi government. I consider that educational. Not political.

The healthcare thing was a huge story around the time of the John Oliver show and Wrestlemania. They were right to cover it and I recall John and Wai being slightly critical of John Oliver’s piece for being one sided and using some old info. It will continue to be a story as AEW is coming and appears to be offering some of their talent healthcare.

I’ve listened to John and Wai for years. Feel free to unsubsrcibe. You’re only hurting yourself missing out on some of the best wrestling analysis on the web.


What are you a family member? Kind of sad.

This is like when people make a point of tweeting that they’re unfollowing someone. :joy:

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Sure, then I guess I’ll hurt myself by unsubscribing to a wrestling podcast. Because I unsubscribe I’ll miss out on how to end poverty or how to invest my 401k? “Hurting myself” that’s a pretty funny statement.

Sad these guys have a following. Bye, good luck with life.

…so you’re angry that the hosts of an opinion based podcast have opinions that they share on the podcast?

Enjoy the Saudi shows, and please get out of here.

You sound unhinged. Please get some help

So you only joined the forum to tell us that you were unsubscribing? Cool :+1:.

If it’s not for you, fine. It’s a pretty irrelevant topic for the rest of us to discuss that someone we don’t know no longer likes a thing that we still like. But each to their own I guess.


Why is everyone so territorial right now. He’s unsubscribing, and he’s providing his reasons for it. You’re looking like a bunch of Seth Rollins #TeamPost am i rite.

If I’m John n Wai I’d rather have a guy tell me why he’s leaving than not.

Is this guy genuine or is it like that guy who said how great the Saudi show was to wind everyone up?

I am embarrassed for Mike

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