Close up Post Wrestling for good - MikeG has decided to unsubscribe. Dark day in the history of wrestling journalism.


Jason Agnew’s burner account tippin


Ooh look at mike with his 401k of lira

Here you go dude:

What a fucking dork.

At the risk of getting banned I’m going to leave this here and welcome everyone to sing along to the words:

The idea somebody would unsubscribe to something and then go on that very thing’s message board to bad mouth them is kind of deserving of getting their internet ass handed to them. In real life, leave the guy alone. On this thread, few things have deserved getting their proverbial internet ass handed to them.

Frankly, the person who goes to a community just to trash the leaders of the community are asking for it. It speaks more to the person and how they choose to share positivity (or lack there of) in the World. This kind of behavior is useless. Absolutely useless! It provides zero value to anyone! Just take your negative opinions and go home. It’s not constructive criticism. It’s not suggestions or a thought out explanation. It’s simply troll shit.

So yeah, fuck his dreams fuck his life. I hope he has dreams of doing something professionally one day and somebody tells him he is useless. I hope he encounters negativity in this world because what you put out is what you should get back.

This is straight up bullshit. Two guys dedicate their time and passion and they don’t ask for much and when somebody doesn’t like it they don’t just unsubscribe they take actual time out of their day to make sure everyone else knows what he thinks in a de constructive way.


This is on the Double Shot where he isn’t doing a recap - the point of the double shot is that everyone watches a bunch of additional content and they both talk about the things they saw, but that’s not the core recap shows. They have never said this about Raw SD a RewindAWai or any Ppv or special.

I hope you don’t listen to sports talk or cable news or any other daily podcast feeds.
And as for politics: WTF are you talking about? Review America ended years ago :roll_eyes:
And Saudi? Dude, that’s not politics, that’s ppl coming on to talk about things you don’t hear talked about but are happening in a business partners country. I’m not even sure you can consider that politics. Interesting stretch there.

Where the Fuck have you been for a year then? How in Undertakers Hell’s Gates did you decide that joining the board NOW was appropriate and that the only reason to join a fun community was to talk shit about the people who created it? Do you have any concept of productivity or constructive critique or did you just want everyone to know you don’t like the shows and tell us why we shouldn’t either? How do you wake up in the morning and come to the conclusion that this is a positive way to live? You wanted this blowback to get yourself over. That or you are a dark web of negativity and that’s sad. Seriously reflect on that. The appropriate thing is to unsubscribe and move on with your life, or provide constructive feedback in a private manner, if you care enough.

:point_up: There - you got your 15 seconds of fame. Now take your ball and go home :smirk:


How do people fall for this shit everytime. He’s clearly a troll, getting a kick out of all the notifications from this thread…damn I just played myself.

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FWIW I was taking a shit when I responded, and man it felt good to release a lot of crap on MikeG

The issue is that it isn’t constructive criticism. In the initial post he doesn’t really cite examples, and he is already “gone”. If he joined to say: “I was liking the podcast, but recently there has been a lot of x happening, and it has impacted my enjoyment.” It would be different, but joining to essentially say “I don’t like the cast, I’m out.” Is silly.

Not sure if this person was a patron or just getting the free content but I’ve never felt the need to sign up for a message board just to vent about how much I hated a podcast. If I didn’t like something I would use my time looking for something else out there I did like, not fighting on a message board.

@mikeg I hope we don’t waste too much of your time as you search for a podcast fitting your tastes, good luck.


To the OP of this thread, take care, be happy, and best of luck.

To @Tony, @MJfromNJ, and especially @Rated_R_Poster, I seriously hope you’re going to be ready to subscribe to an ass-whooping in Fantasy Football, this season. “Stomping Ass and Taking Names”.:man_facepalming:t4::joy::joy:

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When you unsubscribe to a Patreon show, you get a box that lets you send a private message to the creators saying why you are cancelling.

The reasons WHY this guy chose to cancel are irrelevant (although I 100% do not agree with any of his points).

However him going out of his way to create an account here and make a new post for everyone to see, detailing why he is cancelling…that’s what makes him an utter pillock.

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I’ll be stomping names and taking ass all over the shop this year. Absolutely robbed last year.

I know its rude. He’s being an utter pillock, whatever that means.

Still, The man chose to vent publicly. I’ll never want someone to be silenced. And if they say something stupid or something that I disagreed with, at least I know who they are after it. I’m better off knowing this guy is out here with this opinion. More better off than not knowing. Knowledge is power even when its as insignificant as a guy dropping a podcast. Which I hope he finds another show that makes him happy

How exactly are you “better off than not knowing”?

one example is if i see another comment from MikeG I’ll say oh that’s the unsubscribe guy. It’ll provide context to whatever he has to say in the future

Still don’t understand how that makes you “better off” but you do you my friend.


Yeah, very weird stance for Zek to take but whatever floats your boat, my man.