Update on WWE Raw TV-14 report

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Zarian added the following:

There was a memo within USA Network that went out this morning regarding WWE Raw changing to TV-14 on July 18th.Apparently that was sent out prematurely and the day was not finalized.

— Andrew Zarian (@AndrewZarian) July 14, 2022


WWE wrapping up the PG era for Raw.

It was first reported by Andrew Zarian of The Mat Men Podcast that beginning July 18th, WWE’s Monday Night Raw program will have a TV-14 rating.

Starting July 18th WWE Raw will have a TV-14 rating moving forward on USA Network.

The PG Era is over.#WWE #WWERAW pic.twitter.com/wQskL3IVPb

— Andrew Zarian (@AndrewZarian) July 14, 2022

WWE’s PG era of television began in July 2008. This past Monday’s episode of Raw emanated from San Antonio, Texas and to hear POST Wrestling’s recap of that show, head over to the Rewind-A-Raw section of the POST site.

I think people will quickly realize it was never the rating of the show that was the reason for the TV being awful.

It’s almost like you can have an R-rated movie, but it’s still a shitty movie because of the writing and direction.

I mean, I guess Cody gets to bleed now?


I agree for the most part, though I think it would help enhance some instances. For example, the Brock/Roman mania match is a match that would have greatly benefited if they made it a bloody war.

Bad writing is bad writing. Saying “shit” or “ass” more isn’t going to make it good.



Anyway, I also don’t think it’s possible to suddenly go TV14, when your advertising partners likely have some say the matter.

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Good play if WWE want MJF :thinking:

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Didn’t even think about that, but you’re right.

Who is that?!

Is that…. It is!!

Seth Fuckin’ Rollins!


MJF could succeed in a TVPG environment. It’s not the rating that dictates his ability.

He’s an incredible performer who could make his character work anywhere.

At the end of the day, as long at its WWE in its current structure, it doesn’t matter what the rating is, the creative is still going to put out the same output.

It’s funny people see this as some big changes. All of the best moments WWF had prior to 1998, were TV PG. That covers a ton of ground… Just better booking.


I agree and disagree. I agree in the sense that bad writing is bad writing, doesnt matter if you are rated G, PG, R etc. Bad is Bad, Good is Good.

In regards to MJF, I also agree. He is an amazing performer, and I do think he could thrive in any environment.

Where I disagree, I do believe some characters come off better when they are presented with more of an edge, MJF being a perfect example. Take the promo last month, “Tony, you fricken mark” just doesnt have the same wow factor that “Tony, you fucking mark” had. Not saying that a swear word or a crude joke makes everything better, it doesnt, but in the right spot, it does. Examples of the opposite, are WWE’s trope of having every woman call their opponent “bitch” come mania time which gets an eye roll from most fans, and an AEW example is having Sammy G talking about “finishing” on a title…just gross, enhances nothing IMO.

As for MJF if/when he comes to WWE, I do think this change will help him. Will WWE book him well? I don’t know. You can cite Cody as an example of a guy who jumped and IMO is being used better then the way he was used in AEW, but for every Cody there is a Butch, Finn Balor, Bobby Roode, Nakamura etc. (Yes, I realize these are NXT guys, not many AEW examples to choose from).

I wonder what makes you say this? I’ll say that his booking in AEW could be odd and confusing at times and definitely wasnt the greatest, but being used better now? I’m not sure about that. What have they done to use him better? He’s had more rematches in 3 months, than his entire time in AEW. Not just against Rollins, but he also wrestled The Miz multiple times. His promos, while more focused in WWE, have been nothing special. I’d say at best he has been at an even level.

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Before I answer, I think I should clarify for those who don’t watch WWE (yes this is partially directed to you @MarkP lol), that this is a small sample size as his run there was I believe 2.5 months. Also, of course AEW writing in general is much stronger then WWE’s, but there is this false narrative out there by mostly fans that don’t watch WWE that everything they do is bad. I agree, 90% is bad, but 10% is excellent, and their PPV’s are usually very good. Cody falls in that 10%.

With that said, to answer your question, Cody’s debut was spectacular. For me, Cody/Seth 1 is my match of the year, and this is the first year in at least a year or two that I have chosen a WWE match as my MOTY.

In the two and a half months that Cody was there, he was the centerpiece of Raw, he was protected, booked well, cut some great promo’s, and his next two matches with Seth were both excellent. The match at HIAC is going to go down as an iconic match (now if I remember correctly, you hated it. I get that, I respect that as I think you and I debated it, but the majority did not feel that way.) and he has a clear story going on right now.

From a kayfabe perspective, he is the guy that has the family pedigree that has yet to reach the mountain top. He struggled early in his WWE career, left, improved, came back, and is now aiming to reach the pinnacle and win that title his father never won. I’m sorry, but for me this is strong storytelling. I admit, maybe I’m a bit bias because I just lost my father so its a storyline I can connect to, but I am 100% drawn into that story and based on his crown reactions the crowd is connecting with him and this story as well.

In AEW he didn’t connect at the same level in the second half of his run. He was pushed as a babyface who fans were rejecting. He cut promo’s that went way too inside, and just felt different. Now of course the longer run in AEW means that there was more time for things to go wrong, and once he’s in WWE for 2-3 years, I may change my tune as if we are just looking at early AEW, its a different story. His match with his brother a couple years ago was MOTY (I didnt see it live, but I watched back a year later and was blown away), but what he has done overall in WWE IMO has been much stronger then his overall resume in AEW.

Sure Cody had a couple TV matches against Miz, but I don’t really care about that. I probably fast forwarded through them anyways. Raw and SD matches to me are the equivalent of importance to me as a match on Dark, there is no importance. But that’s more of a reflection of the piss poor writing of Raw then the usage of Cody. I understand the criticism of the three Seth matches as I do hate the trope of rematches-rematches-rematches in WWE, but I give this a pass because of how different and good all three matches were.

Again, I’m not saying WWE is better then AEW, or that WWE TV is better then AEW’s, I’m saying that Cody Rhodes specifically IMO has been used better in WWE then the way he was used in AEW and I believe that most fans (not all fans of course as wrestling is subjective) that watch both will feel the same.

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