Updated - Vince McMahon paid 12M in hush money - all around scum bag.

I mean, if somebody is leaking a story, to damage Vince’s standing in the organization… Targeting their reputation financially is the safest bet. Hence WSJ.

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I think you’re right. There is a lot of wishful thinking amongst wrestling fans that hate Vince, and I think a lot of what we are reading today is what people want to have happen, not whats actually likely to happen.

There is nothing more then I would love then to have Vince gone, the reasons are obvious. With that said, given all he’s gotten through, I just dont see an affair and hush money as the thing that does him in. He’s distributed steroids (or at least was a part of it), had wrestlers die on his watch, allegedly paid off cops for Snuka, blown up on staff, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Ill believe it when I see it,

The difference is that this is documented in a publicly traded company. This isn’t an alleged story with no documentation like the Snuka stuff.
He went to court over the steroid stuff.

This is a MAJOR story.

The chairman of a publicly traded company that wants to be positioned like Disney or Marvel isn’t going to shake something like this off.

This is the one that will really be hard to shake, and is a culmination of decades of sex scandels and cover ups. Ashley Massaro, Tom Cole, Rita Maria Chatterton, the tanning salon incident. And something as high profile as this is going to bring up all those past allegations in a new light.

This story is only hours old, but is being picked up by all the major outlets. I can’t think of something that gained this much steam as quickly.

I’m fairness to Wrestling Media, they wouldn’t get within 100yards of corporate espionage stories so that’s not fair. And my feelings on “coverage” aren’t private at this point.

Pay attention to who and where the stories are popping up Business Insider, WSJ, immediately retweeted by CNBC.

I know I’m a paranoid wrestling fan and dumb conspiracy Ape to some of you but I’m telling you who ran the story and what is happening with the stock price is part of the story. Also something myself not Wrestling Media are getting within 1million yards of


I just find it unbelievable that people who have been “covering” wrestling for decades have never been able to put something together until now.

You could end up being right, but I’ll believe this is the end when/if it happens. I do think a story like this is going to appear bigger on this board then anywhere else, I just popped on TMZ and they aren’t even reporting it. We’ll see it how plays out, but I’m not getting my hopes up as I feel Vince will die before admitting any type of defeat.

We now know what Shane had on Vince before Wrestlemania 28 :joy:


Enter Vince McMahon in Google. All top news results are main stream outlets reporting.

This is more than the “IWC” talking about this.

They have reported stories. But they don’t seem to gain main stream attention.

This is huge. There are allegations that

  1. He increased her salary bc of affair
  2. Him and John then passed her around
  3. John and Vince both have other accusers that were hushed up as well

At worse John takes the fall but this isn’t something that will be ignored as much as other stuff


Nah, nothing remotely close to this.

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I never said it’s “only” being reported by the IWC, I said it’s going to appear bigger in this bubble then outside it. I don’t mean it doesn’t exist outside of the bubble.

I’ll admit, I haven’t read every detail of the story yet as I’ve only read one article so my mind could change. At this point, I’m not getting my hopes up, but that’s also how I am in general as I don’t tend to get too high or too low with things. We’ll see how it plays out.

I think this is a way bigger story than Jeff Hardy or Sasha Banks or MJF. This is the board actively investigating impropriety conduct by two high ranking members of the company.

Those are more bubble.

I think John will be gone. What happens beyond that who knows with Vince

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Well of course, those stories were nothing outside of the IWC. I think this is mainstream story, but I don’t see it as a Donald trump “grab her by the ….” Level story.

These points I haven’t read…who’s reporting this?

I think SRS but it’s out there.

100k salary bumped to 200k
Emails saying she was passed over to John L
Allegations that there are many others such cases

It’s kind of gross given he’s 76 anyway but this could be really bad for them

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This is a part of a story that started when Stephanie was replaced and then decided to leave on her terms. Today was act 2. This is playing out on levels beyond the reach of Wrestling Media. I trust John and Wai and Brandon Thurston to cover this appropriately. Everyone else is going to grift this and run with narrative that draws. I would confidently state nobody is getting close to what is really happening here behind the scenes.


It’s all in the WSJ article.

This is the link to the article, and isn’t behind the paywall.


Now it’s front page of tmz

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