upNXT 6/10/20: "Mask of The Fantasma"

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Braden Herrington and Davie Portman review the June 10th edition of WWE NXT featuring Adam Cole vs. Dexter Lumis in the main event.

Plus: Mia Yim & Keith Lee vs. Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano in a mixed tornado tag, Cameron Grimes vs. Finn Balor, Dakota Kai vs. Kacy Catanzaro, new potential contenders for the North American Championship and NXT Women’s Championship are hinted at, and finally… the masked mystery attackers are revealed!

The lads also discuss the return of NJPW and give their thoughts on the New Japan Cup, announce their New Japan Cup Competition on their new Facebook Page, give their predictions for this Sunday’s Backlash PPV, thoughts on the trailer for “Money Plane” featuring Kelsey Grammer and Edge (weird right?), the reality of being scared of car trunks, your feedback… and more!

On the upNXT Patreon, Braden and Davie review AEW Dynamite each Thursday as well as retro NXT reviews, Best Match Ever, and tons of other podcasts. This week features The Wrestler (2008), Best Match Ever: Backlash, and so much more!

Photo Courtesy: WWE

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The two girls with Cameron Grimes have been seen in the crowd many times on Raw and Smackdown. They are NXT trainees Briana Brandy and Rita Reis.

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I just wanted to post (hehe pun) here just to acknowledge that I see the title, I got the reference and I appreciate said reference!

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I knew you’d like it.

Behind on listening, but two points.

The first being Karrion Kross becoming NXT Champion. I know the title scene has been lacking since Portland. Cole being absent in the early days of the quarantine plus a Dream feud that didn’t work. Maybe it is time to freshen things up and have Cole lose. But I think it is way too soon for Kross. He hasn’t really done anything besides make an entrance. I’d much rather they go with Keith Lee (which says a lot since I am not a fan).

Now, the more important point. I hated the mixed tag to open the show. The wrestlers all put in the work. The action was good. But I hate the way WWE handles mixed situations. Yim hits Gargano with a German, which is apparently fine. But Johnny is never going to slingshot spear Yim, let alone superkick or use his submission finish. Because in WWE, women can attack men, and men cannot attack women. And I get why. I totally get why. And I’m not even saying they should in WWE. But it feels like such a half step. I’d rather nothing than this.

And I have no problem with intergender wrestling. I was fine with it in Lucha Underground. Pentagon vs. Iwatani, Sane, Io as well as Pentagon vs. Chelsea Green were great fun. But in that universe, they had those set of rules and went with it. WWE has a set of rules, and feels the need to ignore them when convenient.