upNXT 8/22/19: Here Comes The Dain!

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Braden Herrington and Davie Portman are back with another edition of upNXT discussing the August 21st 2019 edition of NXT featuring Killian Dain vs. Matt Riddle, Mansoor vs. Damian Priest, Mia Yim vs. Vanessa Bourne and Jordan Myles decides which title he is going to challenge for after his Breakout Tournament win.

The lads also talk about the new NXT USA deal and what it means for the future of NXT (and their personal lives), the future of Spider-Man in the MCU, their visit to the CNE, your feedback and more!

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Both Braden and Davie discuss how Mia Yim is not connecting with them, and she doesn’t for me too.

May I suggest that the problem is her entire character? She’s 30 years old in reality, but her character comes off, to me anyway, like a 17 year old in high school trying to act bad ass to cover up some insecurity.

Mia needs a character that is an adult woman.

And she also needs a program in which she can be a heel against an undersized face.