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Ello, ello, ello! Davie Portman here. Sorry for the late posting of the feedback thread. Braden and I have been busy all day moving and we still aren’t done yet! So whilst Braden is busy picking up the last of his stuff from The Braysment, how about you leave me all of your wonderful feedback for this weeks episode of NXT!

Alex from T.O

Hey guys,

Hope the moving went smoothly.

Another great episode of NXT.

I heard Braden laugh when I said I was looking forward to Reeves versus EC3 but it was a good match and the fact the Velveteen Dream came out and set up his match for Takeover made it must see. I would say though that Reeves really should ditch this finest persona and maybe go with a lunatic gimmick since his facials definitely lend themselves to that.

Sure I won’t hear laughs when I say I am looking forward to Keith Lee next week. Hopefully he will use the pounce since I have not seen it used by anyone on a consistent basis since Monty Brown in TNA.

Question for you guys; i heard John and Wai talking Tuesday about bringing up Shayna to team with Rousey since it seems her run in NXT is done and she is ready for the main roster. I think the challengers left for her to beat in NXT are almost none and why not bring her up to team with Rousey or perhaps be the secret weapon for someone like Alexa or Carmella to have in their corner when they face Rousey? What do you guys think?

Jalen from Pickering,

STREET PROFITS ARE BACK BABYYYYYYYYYY!!! The Profits and the Dream had 2 of the most logical theme music distractions I’ve ever seen, and Dream’s little snap was everything. His feud with EC3 confuses me though: Who’s heel? Who’s face? Is EC3’s hair that bad on purpose?

Kairi’s babyface fire has really grown on me in the past couple months, and that angry head turn was one of the best things she’s done in NXT, too bad Shayna is gonna choke her out.

For the main event, I love everyone’s role in this as it allows for all of them to be a bit morally gray. I do wish there was more than a couple weeks to build, as I feel like it would better help build Black’s tensions with the other 2. I can’t wait for main roster to ruin all 3 of these guys after this feud, so I’m gonna enjoy this while it lasts.

Jesse from the 6

They’re walking a tight rope with Gargano. I like how they’re telling a story with a degree of depth that is normally absent in pro wrestling. But the fact remains that a few months ago, he was the hottest babyface in the industry and today fans were chanting, “You deserve it” after another babyface kicked him the in the head. And they were right, he did deserve it. The Gargano character needs a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment where he realizes that the hate that Ciampa has arisen in him has put him on the wrong path. Only after atoning for those sins should he win the title.

I hope you’re move went well today. Korea Town is where I first lived after moving out on my own. My girlfriend also lived in South Korea for two years, so she knows where to get the best Korean food. We should all go on a double date.

Take Care

Hey Guys,

Greetings from Melbourne,

I want to focus on the title picture after your comments from last week and also the fact that I don’t read ahead. I’m unsure if Branden was eluding to being disappointed with the potential for a triple threat which seems more likely after today’s episode but I think it’s a good thing.

I think a tipple threat could be interesting if they book the match by having Gargano going straight for Champa, the two brawl with complete disregard for Black, this leads to Black constantly getting in the way of their brawling for each other. So in an unprecedented move fueled by their hatred for each other Gargano and Champa work together to eliminate Black from the match so they can face off against each other, this leads to some signature DIY moves no one ever thought we would see again.

Then you have Gargano win and set up Champa having his automatic rematch at the next Takeover where you could do the Hell in the Cell for the blow off.

The only real challenge is filling the TV from this Takeover to the next. Another option would be to have Champa go over and then Gargano fight to become number 1 contender for the next 6 months to do the Hell in a Cell blow off match at Wrestlemania Takover weekend. This would solve the filling TV time issue with Champa beating challengers until Garagno becomes number 1 contender.

Would love to hear your thoughts?

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Diego from LA

Longtime listener, first time poster.

Something incredible happened today, something I never thought would happen. Sad to say but the DREAM’s fashion was not on point as it usually is. Having that been said, his interruption of the match was stellar. And the snap at the end to close his segment…touch of genius. Trust me, I love Kenny Omega but I can’t think of a more must-see act in wrestling today. He is CANT-MISS. As awesome as he is right now, however, I kind of dread his eventual call up to the main roster. He oozes charisma like no one else so he might be able to get himself over regardless but it does make me nervous thinking about him getting called up to RAW to have a feud with Apollo Crews… but let’s focus on the now. His feud with EC3 should be really entertaining as they are two of the strongest characters in NXT. Their segments should be electric but their match at Takeover might get overshadowed by one of the most stacked cards in NXT history…but, then again, whatever you can do the DREAM can do better.

Also, how silly does the Finest look losing to a distracted EC3? He doesn’t have the FINEST in-ring aptitude I suppose.

Peace and enjoy the bachelor pad.

Can we state how good of a wrestler Candice Lerae is ? She carried that match on her own, bumping and jumping everywhere. Is she in the top 5 WWE best female wrestlers ?

It’s amazing how much more interesting Aleister Black becomes when he’s not in a navy blue suit cutting bland, scripted promos. All black, all leather, with short bursts of cryptic Satan-y prose is Prime Aleister, and I’m very happy to see it return.

Anybody else bored to sleep when EC3 is on screen? That is a guy tailor-made for the main roster, and I say that as a massive fucking insult.

Shayna and Candice rocked as we knew it would, and both are kinda lowkey two of the best in NXT. The way Shayna stomps limbs and somehow doesn’t actually break anything is a marvel of pro wres technique. And let’s all bask in the glory of Pissed Off Sailor Sane and how great she will look with the Ten Pounds of Gold & Silver.