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Braden Herrington and Davie Portman give out a free show from their Patreon archives… Best Match Ever: Hell in a Cell

The BDE look at the greatest WWE Hell in a Cell matches of all time as they review, rate, and pick which one they think is the best! They go through the epic encounters that include such stars as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Mankind, Triple H and more. They also look at the history of the cell, honourable mentions, your feedback, and much more! Which Hell in a Cell match is the best?

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Good show. Worst Match ever Hell in a cell would have been fun too. I have an idea and it’s the same as everyone else.

Maybe. I actually think there are a couple of contenders for worst Hell in a Cell match.

Undertaker vs Big Boss Man in the “Kennel of hell” at WM15

Randy Orton vs Sheamus for being super boring at HiaC 2010

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman that ended in a stoppage at HiaC 2018

Seth Rollins vs The Fiend that ended in a stoppage at HiaC 2019

I actually think Rollins vs The Fiend was the worst. The awful red lighting. It went long. Stupid ending. The worst.

The entire concept has been dead for over a decade because they don’t know how to build storylines to a boil and cannot book the violent match that should be HIAC.

Undertaker and Boss Man really damaged the concept and the Nash/HHH match killed it.

An underrated one that no one talks about is Brock/Taker, I think it really made Brock into a megastar

Yep that’s the one I was thinking about.

Taker vs. Shane McMahon was really bad… yeah it had the Cell dive, but there was still an ungodly amount of time/wrestling that preceded it.