upNXT Feedback - 25th July 2018

Ello, ello, ello! Davie P here requesting all of your sexy feedback…but more importantly…it’s Braden’s Birthday!! So please send all your love to Toronto’s favourite Millennial.

Happy Birthday Braden

Andre From Edmonton

I cant wait to see Cole vs Ricochet. That will be lit. But watching this episode I was thinking at the end of that segment could NXT be planting the seeds for the War Games match in November? If you notice you had Undisputed Era, then Moustache Mountain who could be joined by Pete Dunne and then team up Ricochet with War Raiders. Just a thought.

Now, as for the main event, you can now call him Tommaso Champion. That match was amazing. This feud Black has had with Tommaso Champion has been the first time since his feud with Almas that I have had any interest in Black. I loved this match and with Gargano inadvertently giving Tommaso Champion the win, this has to be heading for a 3-way in Brooklyn. Can’t wait

Have a good week boys, and Braden if you remember any from the night of your birthday celebration, you didn’t drink enough.

Happy Birthday Braden

Brad from Cole Harbour

I love NXT so much good stuff but
It always saves the best for last Johnny Wrestling has so much hate it cost Aleister Black to lose his title to Chiampa . So good boys, hope we get this as a 3 way at Takeover. Even with the G1 on this is still best hour of Wrestling each week. I said it and I know it not popular but it is true!

All the best guys Branden again Happy B-Day

Alex K from T.O

First off happy birthday Braden.

Another great episode of NXT from teasing the possible teams for War Games to the main event that delivered.

One of the things I really enjoy about NXT is that they always give you something to look forward to next week. EC3 versus Kona Reeves will be good just for the fact they also planted the seed for the Velveteen Dream to get involved to either cost EC3 the match and give Reeves a big win or for a beat down after the match. I hope Dream shows up on the screen and make the challenge while the words are imposed as he emphasizes the key words like Takeover.

Question for you guys. With the Evolution event do you think we get more NXT involvement beyond a NXT woman title match? Personally it would be nice to have some sort of 6 women tag of Bianna/ Lacey Evans/ Vanessa Bourne versus Dakota Kai/ Candace Larae/ Taynara Conti.

Jesse from the 6

HBD, The Bray D!

Some thoughts topics you discussed last week:

Re: the Night stalker
Davie commented that American serial killer Richard Ramirez’s nickname, “the Night Stalker” would be a good name for a wrestler. Well, it was in fact a wrestler’s name. Before he was Adam Bomb or Wrath, Bryan Clark was, “The Night Stalker”. He had an infamously awful match with Sid Vicious at a 1990 Clash of the Champions that was comprehensively and hilariously broken down by Jordan Breen on an old Review-A-Wai.

Re: Vikings
The Vikings were more traders than raiders, though they did plenty of both. Yes, by contemporary standards they’d be seen as horrible monsters, but pretty much every past civilization were murderers, rapists, and thieves to some extent. Shall we discuss the atrocities committed in the name of the British Empire? Oh, and they didn’t wear those funny horned hats. That’s just something the Germans made up about them centuries later.

Props to Braden on calling the main event.
Take Care

With another War Game Takeover confirmed & without reading ahead what format do you see them using. The new version (3-Teams-of-3) or the classic version (2-teams-of-5)?

this nxt episode was insane. ricochet and adam cole are some of the best promo guys out there. i dread the day they get bent over by the main roster. the main event was one of the best matches i’ve ever seen. maybe it was because i was blasted but the near falls had me throwing chairs across the room.

my only complaint was to whoever thought it was a good idea to have kairi say the same line three times. i’m a giant kairi fan but those were some rough waters.

happy birthday dude.

Carlos from sunny Scotland…

Happy Birthday Thee Bray D.

So my prediction of a triple threat title match looks set after the ending and also my WarGames prediction looks almost right but at TakeOver. Take my money.

An amazing match that just kept building for the stunning finish. Loved the Cole/Ricochet promo and what followed.

This TakeOver will be lit. Cheers boys

War Games
Undisputed Era / War Raiders & Riccochet / British Strong Style inthe classic matchup
Gargano v Ciampa in the double cage for the NXT Championship and to end the feud once and forall
is going to make an incredible card