upNXT FEEDBACK: 6th March 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your wonderful feedback from this week’s episode of NXT. Plus with the awful news of Tomato Champion’s neck injury, where do you see NXT’s plans going for Takeover. It will be a big theory edition of upNXT this week and we can’t wait to hear from you! Ahoy!

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Jesse from the 6

Welcome back from Blighty, Davie. Did you have a good trip? Is Brexit still happening?

An entertaining first round of the Dusty Cup tonight. Though I must say, poor bracketing from Mr. Regal. Now we gotta watch the Forgotten Bois in the semifinals? Ugh. But tbf to them, Wellesley Blank did catch Lorcan very well on the outside and Steve Cutlet hits hard.

Bad news about Ciampa. I think this confirms he’ll never be pushed on the main roster. You know how Vince feels about “small guys” who get injured. As for NXT New York, I don’t know what they’ll do, but I think we all know what they should do: A Championship Scramble match for the NXT Title with Johnny Gargano, THE Brian Kendrick, “NXT’s Finest” Kona Reeves, Bull Nakano, and the Repo Man.

Braden, I got a bone to pick with you. Last week you mentioned how you like Taynara Conti’s entrance music but failed to notice . . . it’s a different damn theme!
Now, maybe this is on me. I only recently resubscribed to the network, so maybe you’ve been hearing this theme for months. It was uploaded to YouTube in January, after all. But you specifically mentioned how it was grime music, and her new theme isn’t grime!

Exhibit A: Conti’s old theme, with which I am familiar. The banging grime tune.

Exhibit B: Conti’s new theme. Not grime; doesn’t slap.

And the worst part is, Conti doesn’t mouth the words to her new theme. That was super cute! I feel like they really had something with her, but they gave her shitty new music, forced her to smile, and now she’s tapping to strikes. Oooh, I’m so made about this. Ima hafta have a chat with Paul.

Take Care

Harry from Houston

If the forgotten sons were squashed in 30 seconds like the jobbers they are this would have been an amazing episode. Unfortunately they must have fucked up the finish or something because I can’t honestly believe they had Burch and Lorcan job to those losers on purpose. I can’t put into words how much the forgotten sons piss me off and not in the good way. I would rather watch an ironman match between baron corbin and ec3 then any match or segment they are in for 2 minutes.

Anyways, shame about Ciampa. I don’t know what the takeover match is going to be but obviously it’s going to be a really awkward build up with the champion being injured just weeks before the biggest show of the year. I think NXT will try their absolute best trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit but this is a way worse situation then the Aleister Black injury.

All 3 of the matches were great and I can’t wait to see who faces mustache mountain in the finals.

This episode was like a one hour ppv!!
the ricoblack connection is the team you never knew you needed.
forgotten dudes are the pineapple to my pizza.
MM are the goat and they will win it all
DIY v UE match of the night several stars for them.

4.5 kyles air guitar out of 5! !!


Jake from The Windy City

If you’re a fan of good in-ring storytelling, this was one of the best wrestling shows containing such in a long while. This has the potential to set up to be the best Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic of all time, especially coming off the worst Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic of last year which looked like it was held together by duct tape due to all the injuries involved in last year’s contest. Kyle O’Reilly is a wrestling machine and his performance tonight continues to prove that he’s one of the deceptively best overall wrestlers in all of WWE.

Sad news about Ciampa since I was so looking forward to the culmination against Johnny Gargano at the Mania Takeover.

P.S. Non-wrestling question: Since this podcast is based out of Canada, were either of you ever fans of Georges St-Pierre? Would you consider him one of the all-time Canadian sports legends?

Cheers dudes!

Ventak from Mumbai,

Sorry about the long rambly feedback and feel free to skip any parts.

Long Time First Time! Firstly, Welcome back to the show Davie. Good to have you back! I don’t usually watch NXT every week but I keep upto date by watching the highlights on youtube, watch any great matches and follow the product through you guys on upNXT. I saw that WWE had uploaded the highlights onto their Youtube channel and all the matches were tag team matches and I absolutely love tag team matches.

This week’s episode was just awesome from top to bottom. Blacochet vs EU was fantastic with constant action. This is my first full match of the EU and I’ve gotta say they are fantastic. Fabian is just fantastic with that double springboard moonsault and the EU have some really slick tag moves.

Surprisingly Forgotten Sons vs Lorcan and Burch was much better than I anticipated. Lorcan and Burch always bring it and Forgotten Sons were pretty dynamic with their tag team offense. From what I’ve seen of them rather sparingly, Cutler and Blake are clearly the better wrestlers and Jaxcson(or however the fuck you spell his name) is not good at all. I’ve yet to see a forgotten sons promo, but not as bad as I anticipated.

MM vs Street profits was my weakest match of the week. I’m not a big fan of Montez’s shrieking and mannerisms and Dawkins is just there. Also the spot where Montez tags in MM’s corner just to tag back out in their own corner like 45 seconds later was really noticeable. I hope Trent is okay as it really seemed like he had a hard time holding Dawkins up for the burning hammer/knee drop combo. It looked like his Leg buckled and he was holding his side after the match

UE vs DIY was just fantastic. Starting with the DIY theme all the way until the meeting in the middle, the action was just constant. A few cool spots that I really liked were the wheel barrow DDT into the assisted wheel barrow suplex, Gargano’s slingshot DDT being countered into the guillotine, the avalanche Michinoku driver. I thought Strong - O’Reilly tag team was really great but Fish and O’Reilly really have this chemistry that is a step beyond and their tag team transitions are really good.

Overall a wonderful episode of NXT and I can’t wait for next week’s follow up. The 75 minute episode was a breeze to sit through as well.

The injury to Ciampa really blows. I was looking forward to Ciampa vs Gargano at Takeover if that’s where they were going. I think this might be a great time to fast track the Undisputed Era’s ascent to holding all the titles. With Ciampa gone, NXT has lost it’s top heel and almost everyone in NXT’s midcard is a babyface - Richochet, Keith Lee, Riddle, Dream, Black. Looking over the NXT roster, There are only a few single’s heels on the roster - Gargano?, Cole, Strong, Dijakovic and Ohno. Ohno is too far down the pecking order after his handy losses to Riddle, Dijakovic is really not ready and it looks like Gargano is heading up to the main roster(maybe not anymore)

My guess is either it becomes a multi-man match for the NXT title(Something they’ve never done for the NXT title), they hold a tournament and refresh the whole scene or like I mentioned, Cole/Strong being put into that match.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

DavidGeorge91 from Manila, Philippines

Hello Hello Hello Besties,

First of all, a Quick verdict to the last week’s episode, 8/10.

This is a one heck of a episode, in terms of Iength and intense of a matches. That’s unexpected.

The chemistry tandem between Ricochet really interests me totally a future Tag team champions. Reminding me of Flash Gordon and Mandrake of The Defenders of the Earth.

Gladly i didn’t watch the squash job of Forgotten sons of Anarchy, but instead I simply listen what they beating up to *facepalm.

I criticized about the Moustache Mountain vs Cryme Tyme knockoff (Street profits) due to it’s awkwardness and some botches I suspected.

I hope the D.I.Y. would not end up in the J.O.B squadron as Fossil Vince loves that when it comes to shinny new toys. Anyways a slobberknocker main event no questions asked, just beautiful. Get well soon Mad man Ciampa.


*How do you compare Ricochet to Neville (the babyface one), both are using superhero like gimmicks, so your thoughts?

*Why is Hideo Itami never won (scripted) any champions in both NXT and the Main roster? Did the creative do something bad towards him? Anyways shame of them.

*Will Taynara Conti ever get a revenge against Alliyah or that Dominatrix Vanessa Borne?

4.5 kazoos out of 5, Welcome Back sir Davie!!!

God bless and Take care :wink:

I just came here to say hi…

NXT is just brilliant, I LOVED the structure of this episode

We got 4 straight tag team matches but it didn’t feel redundant because they kept the plates spinning of future programs

There was a point in Mustache Mtn. v. Street Profits where Montez tagged in using MM’s corner - where’s the WWE rule book?