upNXT FEEDBACK: Game of Thrones Series Finale

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting your feedback for the final ever episode of Game of Thrones!!! Mike Hogan and ai will be reviewing the episode and the Series as a whole tomorrow. Dracarys!

Eric from Sudbury,

Jokes aside, I’ve really disliked this season, but I actually didn’t mind the conclusion. It was a bit underwhelming perhaps, Daenerys’s death scene in particular. I still thought the writing was a bit sloppy and it was probably a bit rushed, but at least the plot points made sense (to me at least). It was certainly better then Dexter? I know that’s not saying much, but I really want to grasp at the straws of happiness and positivity right now.

I’m glad you enjoyed the season at the very least and your discussion last week about if a bad finale ruins an entire series was interesting. For what it’s worth I rewatched some old episodes today and I perhaps appreciated them even more considering what we’d get later. Would love to hear you guys look back at some older seasons or the books if you ever get the itch.

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Decent end but felt it got a little cute showing all the wrap up feel good moments (Bronn, Pod, Ghost etc). Felt like a lot of fan service in this last episode with most fan favorites surviving. Loved the Brienne as lord of the kings guard scene though. I was surprised how early Dany was killed part of me felt there would be more build up, but it also felt like the right time to do it based on opportunity. The time jump to get all the lords together threw me a bit as why did they keep Jon and Tyrion alive so long if Grey Worm wanted them dead? Were the northerners already laying siege, or prepped to fight if Jon died? Felt like he could have told Arya to prep them, but then it also seemed like he did not care about living. Either way I’m satisfied with this conclusion to 20 years of waiting, and look forward to the books to see how different things are.

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Chris from Pennsylvania,

Despite being a little underwhelmed by the last 20 minutes or so, overall I really liked this episode and the season as a whole. Peter Dinklage carried the episode, and has had some of the best scenes in this final season. I was pleasantly surprised that Jon finally grew some balls and took out Dany. And I found the scene with Brienne completing Jamie’s entry in the Kingsguard book really touching.

I could cut a Sami Zayn style promo on everyone bitching about this final season, but I’ll just say this, while it wasn’t perfect, it was still a lot better than all the hate it’s getting online. I felt most of the characters got the right payoff, even if they didn’t get their happy ending. 8/10 for the final episode, 10/10 for the series. It’s been a huge pleasure to watch and I really am going to miss it.


I did not like samwells song of ice and fire bit or bran being named king. Pretty much made Jon being a Targaryen at all entirely pointless.

Those nitpickings apart, it was a fine end to the best show on tv, any disappointments I have are only down to the high expectations the show has given me.

The entitlement of those who have been highly critical of this season is ridiculous. I’d echo the call of you doing a rewatch podcast should you wish.


And now my watch has ended…still hate bran.

Mj, king in the North Jersey and Knight of New York

First 40 minutes: a great conclusion that evokes emotion. Drogon and Dany. Tyrion and his siblings.

Next 40 minutes: huh? What?

  • did the Unsullied and Dothraki just tranqilo when they learned of Dany’s death?
  • did all the lords just magically appear and think nothing of the sack of Kings Landing?
  • is banishing John to his destined home actually punishment? (How did the all get rebuilt?!)
  • so all the other Lords are cool with a Stark on the throne. A Stark Kingdom. And Starks roaming the far north and west of Westeros? Do they even know Jon is a Targaryen?
  • Bran played the long con and won with an explanation provided by a man in chains?

Tremendous show, cinematic experience, feat in show crafting. But the final 40 minutes summed up how rushed season 7 & 8 felt.

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After talking to a bunch of people I just want to ask…am I the only one who thinks it is at least strongly implied that Tyrion was gelded?(made a eunuch). At the end of the dragon pit when he is made hand Grey Worm says it is not enough and Tyrion looks down slowly and we fade to black. To me that was implying he would be gelded and that would be the end of his house as punishment for his crimes. Which seemed poetic justice as the unsullied are eunuchs and Varys who he sold out was also.