upNXT FEEDBACK: Halftime Heat/Superbowl/Maroon 5

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback from tonight’s Superbowl, Halftime Show and most importantly…Halftime Heat where Velveteen Dream, Ricochet and Aleister Black will take on Adam Cole (Baybay) and DIY in what is sure to be an instant classic! Ahoy!

Jake from the Windy City

Super Bowl was boring, the commercials were lame. Maroon 5 has been terrible for years, I’m just happy that we have Halftime Heat instead.

I really liked the way the Performance Center was being shot and lit, besides the huge PC sign on the wall, you wouldn’t even know it was actually in the PC. It looked like it was another Full Sail. Shawn Michaels was great tonight on the mic. Now THAT is what a color commentator should do! They should be super hard selling the talent over and make them look good, not making corny, lame ass jokes all show long.

And the match of course, how can you not say it was L-I-T AF?!!! Thank goodness, I watched this over Maroon 5.

Have a great week, fellas!


Jalen from Pickering,

Shoutout to Shawn Michaels on super hard selling of NXT and the 6 guys. And shoutout Vic Joseph for almost calling Dream, Patrick when he dove to the outside.

The show was exactly what I was hoping for, and like always, Dream stood out. Crowd was great, except that they didn’t start making noise until Dream took his shirt off. Half of the crowd works there, they should be doing everything they can to help sell the product too.

And if anyone regrets watching the Super Bowl, they were streaming a litany of classics like Nakmura/Zayn, Revival/American Alpha, and the 4 Horsewomen fatal 4 way as the lead in.

Charbel from Victoriaville

What was that all about … what the fuck was this match … some publicity ???

My wife who watch wwe from time to time said that this is the best match she ever seen

This was amazing I was just happy, laughing , exited , this was amazing. … my new match to show my non wrestling fan friend

Bray how lit was that
Davie how many Kairi out of 5

Wow still in shock

The match more than lived up to expectations. The high spots were incredible and the match flowed nicely with everyone getting their shit in. Did anyone else notice the white balance? It bothered me way too much. Also I was really impressed with how well timed the broadcast was, they started and finished at the perfect time. Hopefully people took the time to watch it, I think anyone that did enjoyed their halftime.


Jamie from Royal Leamington Spa

First time, Long Time! Me and my boyfriend played a drinking game for this. A shot any time there was a flip, a superkick or a finisher.

We should’ve known better.

Great fuckin match though. They had an opportunity and just went full throttle for 15 minutes and that was always going to be great.


The Super Bowl is known for its Ad spots and HalftimeHeat was the greatest spotfest this side of the 50 yardline. Wow! Fast passes, everyone looked incredible. Working in all those spots with time ticking was awesome. Reminded me of All In’s final match.

And that was the worst halftime performance in modern history. Somebody superkick that Maroon 5 front man. His tats don’t compare to Alestir Black, and his lip syncing is not Adam Cole BayBay!

10 out of 10. It was exactly was it was meant to be.

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Sean from Toronto

As someone without the WWE Network, watching this match streamed on YouTube was a great way for me to experience the NXT product. I’m quite satisfied with the match, even though the YouTube stream cut off seconds after the match concluded.

Maureen from Kentucky

What a great match! Which of the six will be called up after Mania? I think Undisputed Era will be called up. Love your show.


Harry from Houston,

I was fine with the match but I wished there was something a little more significant. If you skipped this you really didn’t miss anything storywise. I think I would have almost preferred an nxt title match between black and ciampa in something closer to the original half time heat, and you can have gargano help ciampa win the match. Speaking of gargano and ciampa, I feel like we skipped a step from gargano tolerating ciampa to openely helping him, but at least they teased that he still didn’t fully trust him when he didn’t tag him in.

Mark from Ashford Kent UK,

I really enjoyed the whole idea of Half Time Heat, especially with the streaming throughout the day before the half time of the Super Bowl (6 man tag match) of great NXT matches throughout its history. I really like this as if people don’t have the network they are able to watch some of the best matches that NXT has ever had.

But, onto the show… I found the show to be really good and I loved the way that they made the atmosphere of the Performance Centre look like it could be on any episode of NXT. The match was great with 6 of the best wrestlers that NXT let alone WWE have, showcasing why NXT is so good and why these 6 men are the future of the industry and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.

I really enjoy your show, keep it up!

“I don’t know why people kept watching if all they’re going to do is complain how boring it was,” says the wrestling fan, getting ready to tune into a three-hour Raw for the 300th consecutive week.