upNXT FEEDBACK: Live on USA Sep 18th 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for NXT Live on USA from September 18th 2019! Ahoy!!

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Eva from London

Stellar show tonight
Kickass opening package
Kickass opening match. All four women brought their A game. I dont think Candice has faced Shayna on TV since their quarterfinal match in the Mae Young Classic. It may not be Rhea, but its a fresh opponent, a babyface one, and as we saw at takeover Toronto, a phenomenal wrestler. Cant wait for Lerae vs Baszler on the head-to-head episode. Top that AEW! (Spoiler: they wont)

Grimes looks just as stupid as he did last week. Marty scurll is the only wrestler who can pull off a top hat.

Dream and Strong with the big fight feel and great chemistry. At this point my viewing method started glitching and I just barely caught the end. Finally the Dream is over. Heels with all the gold!

Sleeper hit with Dunne vs Ruas.
Xia Li vs Aliyah? Huh just huh? Why is this here? Least it was quick and Xia Li seems to be improving.

IMPERIUM!!! And Walter!!! Vs Kushida? Take my money!

Lorcan vs Rush? Oney showing John Cena hows a stf is done. Good match. Rush really impressed.

I guess UE vs Street Profits got moved to another week.

Utterly baffling end to the show.


  1. Who do you see winning the Womens Title match in two weeks? Does it main event that show?
  2. How long do you see the Prophecy remaining fulfilled?
  3. Seemingly random but opinions on Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on their coverage of NXT and AEW these past couple weeks?

Chris Thunder from Down Under.

First hour feedback:
I have no idea what happened as we can’t watch the first hour here in Australia for 24-hours.

Second hour feedback:
I can’t belive I’ve been championing for a faction to be draped in gold since Sanity and the time it actually happens I can’t watch it. Not because I canceled the Network, or because I was at work, but because I have to wait 24-hours to view it.

Honestly the whole second hour might of well be called the Job Squad hour, squash matches, heels with no heat and a main even no contest? Well I assume no contest but the bell never rung to stop the match.

All things considered, this show hardly lived up to the hype, or lack their of.

4 “rushed Microsoft paint tee shirt jobs” outta 10.


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WE. ARE. NOT. YOUR. KIND. I was totally prepared to jump ship to AEW but this episode of NXT was sensory overload/out of body experience/ inconceivable greatness. Suck on that Khan! My body was at all ready. NXT is #betterthansex

What woman from any company and any era would have join UE to complete the prophecy to its fullest degree?

Tyler from Orlando,

This was a hell of a way to start off the new era for NXT. I thought the women’s 4 way was the best possible choice to open up the show, Dream & Strong did what we knew they are capable of & finally THE PROPHECY HAS COME TRUE!

I think the involvement of the NXT UK guys & a #1 contender match for the Cruiserweight title is a clear sign that Triple H is going to use all of his toys for these 2 hours each week.

The women’s fatal four way was great. Not too thrilled about Candice winning despite actually having no claim to the title match, but whatever. I imagine she’ll beat Shayna, and lose the title soon after to Io. Or at least I hope so. In the meantime, have Io kill Mia Yim for costing her the shot at the title.


The second hour was super hot, including the ending when it devolved into an NXT World War (except in the FS Parking Lot instead.

As an aside, I really liked how Triple H’s little segment at the start led right into Io’s entrance. He brought in the casual eyes, and Io’s entrance got them locked onto the screen.

Harry from Houston,

Holy shit what a show. The ending was fine but this Riddle vs Dain feud has been weird and it hasn’t really progressed beyond two dudes fighting each other. Everything else landed pretty much perfectly. I also loved how they didn’t even use their absolute top stars outside of Dream in actual matches and it was still the quickest 2 hours of wrestling tv in years. Now we’ll see if they can keep this unbelievable pace up every week. If they can, AEW is going to have to put on a hell of a show.

Leaving brief feedback only starting to watch now. Crazy this is happening. One thing I’m particularly interested in is the introduction of all these characters on a bigger scale from how long time NXT fans know them. How that is done over time without dumbing down the product is of particular interest to me. It’ll also indicate who the audience is they are producing this for.

Another aspect is how this pushes talent on the main roster who came from NXT and can’t wrestle this style - how must the 4 horsewomen feel about this opening match. They haven’t done a thing close to this on the main roster. It was one thing when it was on the network but now it’s a night after them on USA. Follow that mentality could be awesome for the overall WWE offering.

One thing I’d like to see them do (and maybe they will) is show replays of what happen during commercial break. We know stuff happens during comercial break, why not highlight it. And it’s different than the other brands.

Lastly, a power move starting the show with Oh Io Io Io oh oh! Miss you guys.

So after the generic WWE intro, and Papa Paul making sure his is the first NXT face to be seen by the new USA viewer, literally jerking the curtain,and after Mauro’s big-time-feel opener, we see… kanji and katakana characters on the big screen. How can this be? Doesn’t NXT know that Americans demand English!

Io is out first. There could be no better representative of NXT…. well, there is one who could be better, but the now pirate-incognito is lost at sea so it seems, if one looks for her amongst the many McMahon shows.

Commercials feel awkward in the women’s 4-way match compared to what we are used to in these NXT multi-person matches.

I like LeRae as a choice to face Shayna.

About that featherless-hatted Grimes: Dear Cameron, go find a milliner who can help you pick the proper decoration for that hat.

Mauro said “wrestling” more than once in the first hour. I wonder if Levesque instructed him to do so?

Strong-vs-Dream to me was boring for most of the match, and the two had some awkward moments. Other than the finish, I think this match was about the worst match during the whole two hours.

The match ending was better and it finished as expected (not a bad thing for a TV show.) U-Era are the main heel act on NXT and it is fitting they closed the USA hour.

Yet that first hour didn’t feel like the real NXT to me (the second hour did). The FullSail crowd did their best to be energetic, but other than some big moves by Io and some good attitude by Bianca, the first hour action struck me as second rate compared to the 2nd hour action.

Second hour… not sure I can do two hours of this, the charm of NXT to me was its brevity, a perfect length for a show. I liked that about Lucha Underground too.

There is a lot to be said for less, not more (he wrote, writer of novellas on the Post Wrestling forum.)

Imagine Dunne-Ruas being the come-down match after the big finish of the championship match. Dunne and Ruas are two of my favorites, but the crowd was exhausted and so was I. Their match was better than Strong-Dream to me.

Love Xia. More of her please.

And then there appeared Walter, the man who should face Lesnar at next year’s WM (assuming Lesnar takes Kofi’s title on Smackdown.) Le it be so.

Afraid that Kushida gave me that Tajiri-vibe here. That is, a very skilled talent whose job it will be to allow the big lumbering guys to be in matches that are more lively than otherwise would be expected. Kushida even stands and walks like Tajiri.

So a Cruiser-weight contenders match on NXT… does that not confirm that for the 2-hour USA show that the 205 Live show will be absorbed into NXT? Love d the match, Lio and Oney are both so talented and hard working.

Lorcan-Rush I found to be a much better match than Strong-Dream.

Oh no, the patented WWE shaky-camera videography in the Riddle match. I hate it.

Two hours… perhaps I should switch to Haiku for feedback.

Ahoy! (Do pirates write Haiku?)

DavidGeorge91 from Manila, PH

Hello UpNXT BFFs, busy as always. But i’ll try my best to post my thoughts:

I’ll make this as a short feedback, go watch it . No seriously, go watch it. Everything is fantastic (from the first match up to the cheated live main event), there’s no question about it :blush::+1:.

Last note:

Candice wrestling’s win in the first match not only as a shocker to me but a Great improvement to her card status.

From what i observed, it looks like Io Shirai is now become a Japanese AJ Lee or sorts. Hope there is more of that in days to come.

Hmmmm UE’s prophecy is now fulfilled, congrats, *slow clap :clap:. Reminds me to what Evolution did years ago, in a different way.

What the heaven is the Axis Powers[Imperium] doing here in NXT Live? To dominate?

Congratulations to the men and women of NXT that transitioned from pre-taped up to Live mode. NXT is my Bay-bay forever.


Will Pete Dunne become a champion anytime soon?

How do you compare Xia Li to Chun-Li?

Keep it up @TheBrayD, and @daviePortman I have your support no matter what. God bless you :wave: :wink:.

That was a bloody fantastic episode of NXT. The four way was really excellent, Rush and Lorcan what a f*ing match ! Imperium, U Era, the cruiserweights, Kushida, Pete Dunne… what more do you want ? I give this show a holy jesus christ/10.