UpNXT Feedback: NXT 11th July 2018

I may be hurting right now due to England’s loss…but that doesn’t mean I wont be taking your feedback. So please leave your comments and questions about this week’s NXT and Braden and I will respond to them in this week’s edition of upNXT

Alex K from T.O

Hi guys,

In my opinion a great episode of NXT despite no Heavy Machinery cooking segment.

Really enjoyed the main event especially the end as I never thought Bates would thrown in the towel but Mauro, Percy, and Nigel really added to the drama by saying how Seven didn’t want the towel to be thrown in and Bates wanting to save his mentor and father figure.

Question for Davie or more of “time for you to be honest with us”. You were at these tapings and when Kairi Sane won her match and would looking out into the crowd with her hands on her face and smiling she was looking at you? She did seem to seem a lot of time focused on one corner during her entrance. Not sure what to make of the dance at the end though.

Carlos from sunny Scotland.

Chin up Davie, our national team did us proud and only 2 years til the Euro…We now have a team to be proud of.

What an episode! The main event maybe the best tv match NXT has ever had and all 4 out did their previous match. Stunning story telling and once again O’Reiley owns it.

NXT are masters of deception and had me when Tomato Champion jumped Black.

Prediction… Last week Davie and Wai mentioned challengers for Black and Baszler. I am going to make the prediction now that TakeOver will be Black/Gargano/Campia. WWE have signed Io Shirai and feel she will win the MYC and take over the NXT womens division.

Cheers gentlemen

Omri from Israel,

I don’t know what was up with the crowd this time, but they were not into anything with the exception of the second half of the tag match. The entire Burch/Cole and Kairi/Bourne matches they sat on their hands, and the first half of the tag match it felt like they just turned their back to the action and did their chanting without really looking at what was going on.

The Candice Shayna thing was great, and the match next week is going to be great. I predict Candice pinning Nikki so Bianca can start a program with Kairi.

Finally, though I’m a bit upset I didn’t get the Belgium/Croatia final I wanted, all that is left is to cheer until we hear the announcement AND NEEEWWWWW… wait they’re not doing that, right? oh well, LET’S GO CROATIA!!!